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LINUM meets; Joanna Lavén.

Here at LINUM we recently launched our first new products for spring and we are proud of how well they have been received. The images for the campaign, which depict the sophisticated velvet PAOLO range, were photographed by well-established interiors photographer Jonas Ingerstedt.

The setting is taken from the private family home of designer and stylist Joanna Lavén, which was built in 1970 and is located just outside Stockholm. Joanna was also responsible for taking care of all the details and ensuring everything was beautifully arranged. In connection with the campaign photography session we also had the pleasure of chatting to Joanna about sustainability, the trends for spring and her relationship with LINUM.

How long have you been involved in interior design and styling?

I began working as an assistant to a stylist in 2003, so fifteen years now.

A lot has happened in recent years, not least with regard to sustainability. What is your view on that?

I think it’s really important to take a long-term approach and to limit purchases of newly-manufactured products. I buy a lot of vintage items myself through my work and I have a great interest in the second-hand market. Hopefully we are also moving away from a short-term and impulse-governed approach to a more long-term and thoughtful attitude. I believe that more people will call on interior designers as they realise it’s important to make the right purchases from the outset, and not just for reasons of sustainability

Creamy Beige.

Bright Lavender Purple.

Grey Pink.

Where do you find inspiration?

I pick up a lot when travelling, and from restaurant visits and galleries. Books are always exciting, and naturally also all the material now available on the internet. A “home” to me is a warm and cosy place, a place that feels relaxed and peaceful. Home is a collection of things that say a lot about who you are and that you also hopefully really like.

If we could ask you about Scandinavian design: what is significant in your opinion?

Actually I wouldn’t say that my own style is particularly Scandinavian, but one thing I like and also try to bear in mind in my interior design work is purity. We Scandinavians are not generally drawn to over-fussy environments, but rather to more subdued settings. Even though I like to have plenty to look at in a home, I prefer to limit the number of colours and try to avoid too many “loud” objects.

Bright Lavender Purple.

Dark Pastel Purple.

Light Ice Green.

What is your relationship to LINUM?

I have always liked LINUM’s textiles, your shades and materials. I have used them both at home and in my work-related projects.

What do you think of the new spring products at LINUM in camel brown?

Camel is a classic, luxurious shade that is easy to combine with many other colours.

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Photographer: Jonas Ingerstedt

Photographer: Marcus Lawett