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A dream in deep emerald green.

Our PAOLO collection in 100% cotton velvet has long been one of LINUM’s best-loved ranges. Featuring bedspreads, cushion covers and curtains, it is designed to suit bedrooms and living rooms alike.

The popular PAOLO bedspread is made in India, and its details are hand-sewn. Many years of craftsmanship lie behind its well crafted exterior. The front is made of 100% cotton velvet, unlike many other synthetic alternatives. In addition to the bedspread, we have chosen to create a 50 x 90 cm cushion cover with a linen reverse. The cushions give that luxurious quality often found in hotels.

PAOLO is available in seven commercial colours, of which a deep emerald green is the latest addition. This colour replaces meadow green (A22) and bright grey turquoise (C25) in autumn 2020. We have been seeing a pleasant demand for green shades in particular, which we wanted to respond to with our autumn launch. PAOLO’s colours are also synchronised with the INTERMEZZO linen curtains, to allow for layered solutions. PAOLO is easy to wash at 30 degrees, making it a smart option for the active home.

The images in this article were styled by Emma Johansson and photographed by Jonas Ingerstedt. Emma has added stripes to the palette, combining deep emerald green with white. The cushion cover is CALCIO, with a discrete stripe. Its fabric has been pressed, giving it a lovely sheen. Combining these with the YASMIN sheet in crisp white organic cotton, Emma Johansson has created a space to both sleep and dream in.