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A summer with WEST.

We’re visiting places in our dreams. We’re exploring interiors in our imagination.

With the new launch of the popular WEST linen collection, LINUM aspires to rediscover the quiet life. With the longer lighter days of spring, our plans for the summer begin to take shape, with that yearning to go slow and wind down.WEST’s tactile feel and washed finish take us back to a more subtle, uncomplicated time. An understated tablecloth ripples in the balmy breeze, and the napkins are casually draped over the table edge. The scene is staged by the natural setting outside, where bare twigs in the wilds offset the soft shade of the cloth. Our table is dressed simply and honestly, in defiance of perfectionism. The cutlery is an eclectic mix, and the glassware oddments were collected down the generations. We cherish handling these mementos of past times.

There are leisurely days ahead in the bedroom where the airy linen keeps the sweltering heat at bay. The sheer curtains filter in the light or screen it out, without taking the edge off this precious time of year. We wake with a light heart in a lazily made bed. The plain bedspread is just as much protection against any sand straying into the soft creases of the sheets, as it is a cosy throw for those cooler hours. We’re heedless of any blotches or creases, as the matte finish and natural structure of the cloth are so forgiving. We want life to be as simple as can be.

Our favourite spot is by the wide open windows that let nature into our living room. Ocean scents and the wilds of the pine forest waft in, giving us that sweet thrill of reconnection. We know that this special ambience will always be a sign of leisure. The airy curtains let in the light, and the sun’s rays work a colour change in the fabric as the day passes. We let them fall softly straight to the floor, or drape them in layers, with the colour white for cherished calm in our creative age.

Photographed by: Jonas Ingerstedt

Styled by: Anna Cardell