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About LINUM.

LINUM is a Swedish designer brand that’s been supplying high-quality home textiles for generations.

Since the company began in 1966, LINUM has grown into an international retailer that maintains its strong vision of sustainable production with the future in mind. LINUM creates its own version of conscious design with its unique look and limited editions in combination with an advanced system of colour codes. The look is sophisticated and refined, with a clear tactile feel. LINUM now holds a respected position in its segment thanks to our carefully crafted items, together with distinctive patterns and high quality materials.

In this section, we’d like to invite everyone interested in LINUM as a business and brand to view some general information. If you feel anything is missing, please get in touch with LINUM directly by email.

Welcome to LINUM.

Our creative guidelines

Over the years, LINUM has taken inspiration from Swedish nature and our unique culture. Icons such as Monica Zetterlund, Jan Johansson and Ingrid Bergman have influenced our creative processes and lent their names to a range of products in our catalogue.

We work almost exclusively with natural materials and are proud to be able to offer a varying selection of products made from popular qualities such as cotton and wool, but also more exclusive items made from linen and silk. We also have our own colour system that we’ve been working on for decades. By always working with an explicit selection of colour codes, all LINUM products match one another no matter where and when you buy them. The idea is that you should be able to buy, use and love a rug and then find a matching throw a few years later. For us, this is the very epitome of sustainability.

Another of our ambitions is to emphasise tactile aspects and safeguard sophisticated features. We want to challenge ourselves in innovative ways and emphasise the things that we love about our nation. We have a very clear feel for refinement, and we work with the customer perspective and the degree of usefulness in mind. All in all, this is exactly what makes LINUM so special.

Our webshop

The LINUM webshop is our very own. As a result, the range of products in stock is generally a complete selection of everything LINUM has to offer. We design all our products ourselves, and over the years we’ve carefully nurtured our own independence when it comes to creative excellence.

Craftsmanship is crucial to us, so we work only with selected craftsmen whose expertise can turn our ideas and outlines into popular and practical products. Most of our partners are based in Asia, but we also have strong ties with manufacturers in the Baltic states. At least once a year, we hold meetings with the professionals whose extensive expertise has been handed down through the generations and who create our products. LINUM’s policy is to transport products by sea so as to minimise environmental impact, and with this in mind we’ve selected a warehouse partner based at the Port of Gothenburg. We take a great deal of care over transport and storage, so our objective is to be able to supply our genuine and authentic products as effectively as possible. We also replaced our packaging in 2019 and are now working with wrapping in 40% recycled plastic that are also 100% climate-neutral.

The LINUM webshop at www.linumdesign.com delivers products within the EU and to Switzerland, Norway and the US. The webshop is available in a number of languages and is updated regularly. We accept a number of different payment solutions and can also provide invoices by Klarna. We send out newsletters to our customers by request and always with approval, and there is a possibility as well, following us on social media: look for LINUM on Facebook and linum_design on Instagram.

Our head office is in Stockholm, and all operations on behalf of LINUM are based there, under the management of CEO Gunilla Brisinger. LINUM is a privately owned limited company and was founded by the Sven Kempe family in the 1960s.

Our retail business

LINUM works with both physical and digital retailers. Our ambition for a long time has been to make a name for ourselves among distinctive home and interior design stores with a well-developed eye for design.

At present, we also welcome less established e-commerce companies that operate more along the lines of contractors, with holistic solutions for cross-border partnerships. Faced with the extensive paradigms shift that’s taking place in retail, we’re keen to develop our business in a number of different directions and are therefore open to discussion on issues of this nature. The best way to get in touch with us is by email, and we recommend using the address ecom@linumdesign.com.

LINUM has also been running a modern and interactive B2B- platform for retail partners for the past months, with a view to providing 24-hour service, 365 days a year. Companies can use a personal login at our digital retail shop to place orders whenever they like. Please send an email to keyaccount@linumdesign.com to get in touch with LINUM and for a unique username and password.

LINUM also has a physical showroom in the heart of Stockholm – this is open during the day on weekdays. At our showroom, we hold sales meetings and other events linked with what we do. If you’d like to visit us as a company and have a look at our range, please send an email to keyaccount@linumdesign.com. End customers who’d like to view our vivid assortment are also welcome to visit our showroom.

Press, editors and other business related media

We’d be happy to share our knowledge, vision and carefully crafted assortment with anyone who’s curious about our brand.

We have a popular newsroom via MyNewsDesc, and we warmly recommend you to follow us there. We also have a presence on LinkedIn, where we regularly submit posts about what we’re doing and various initiatives that we’re linked with: just search for LINUM. For requests about specific images, please email press@linumdesign.com.

We are happy to get in touch with talented media houses, skilled writers, loyal ambassadors and creative photographers and stylists. You can get in touch by sending an email to press@linumdesign.com, and we’ll follow up and respond to your message within a very short time. Our showroom in central Stockholm is open during the day on weekdays for stylists and press-related borrowing services, and staff are on hand to provide fast and efficient service. By all means drop us a line beforehand at press@linumdesign.com so that we can order in parts of our range that we don’t currently have on hand for you to see immediately.