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Almén & Unnegård interprets LINUM.

With allusions to the 70s, Pippi Longstocking, and nature, illustrator and artist Jenny Almén chose her favorites from LINUM's silk collection. Together with the photographer Jenny Unnegård, a fantastic interpretation began with a focus on the overlap between fabric and watercolor.


This autumn’s cushion cover collection includes two types of silk: raw silk, with a subtle sheen, and dupion silk, with a more eye-catching shine that resembles a liquid ink wash painting. Illustrator Jenny Almén works with light and shadow to create depth. Just as fabrics with natural materials are seldom smooth and flawless, so does an illustrator attempt to tame and control the color, but the color still makes its own choices.

Cushion covers SILK deep sea blue, DUPION bronze brown and PIRLO mustard yellow have inspired Almén to create this painting. In the background we see parts of Unnegård’s photography.

A painting cannot always be planned; it has a life of its own. Often chance decides, which ends up only making it even more interesting, both for the creator and for the viewer. The way the paint comes out and spreads around inspires philosophical thoughts and free interpretations, without any given answers. Although a painting can be planned and controlled at first, spontaneity often takes over and ultimately drives the entire process.

Cushion covers SILK dusty pink, DUPION tangerine yellow, SILK rusty orange and PIRLO ash rose pink have inspired Almén to create this painting. In the background we see Unnegård’s photography.

There should be some knowledge of how the paint behaves in wet and less wet conditions. You can create color sensations using sticks, brushes, and by actively moving the sheet. As a creator, you rarely master the craft. Development and learning are constant. The direction of the experiment pushes you onward. It’s a process. In abstract art there are no rules, but it is the creator who has the control and makes the decisions. Jenny Almén says that she often goes back to older watercolor paintings, which she then finds shapes in and cuts them out. She compares it to cloud reading, where a person lying on their back in the grass sees pictures in the clouds that others may not see. Together with lines, motifs are reinforced and made clear, although the abstract often lives on.

Cushion covers SILK, DUPION and PIRLO have inspired Almén. Here we see a selection of Almén’s interpretations.

There is a story in each and every new work of art, depending on what comes to mind during the process and how I interpret the paintings that I cut out, says Jenny Almén. The motifs are formed and a story is created in the image, depending on the shapes that are interpreted. It’s meditative. Thoughts come and go. Time stands still, and you just have to go with it. Each image becomes unique in its own way, which all happens in the moment.


Jenny Almén works mainly with collage techniques. Paper collage combined with lines drawn in ink bring out the motifs. For digital illustrations, she often uses scanned watercolor paintings as a color palette.

Jenny Almén, Illustrator

Jenny Almén works as an illustrator and artist based in Stockholm. With clients such as Bonnier, Natur och Kultur Förlag, and Nike, she illustrates human situations and creates moods in images based on the customers’ wishes. The style is realistic and simple, with a colour scheme dominated by Scandinavian lightness. In addition to commercial assignments, there is free creation as an artist and over the years, she has enjoyed both solo and group exhibitions.


Jenny Unnegård, Photographer

Jenny Unnegård is a photographer and has her base and photo studio in Vaxholm. Living on the archipelago close to the sea inspires her. Her focus is lifestyle, interior design and portraits, where clients vary between advertising and editorial assignments. She prefers to work with the existing light, but also has extensive experience of studio work and lighting. Curiosity is her driving force that also takes her out into the world on various photo shoots. Customers she has worked with include Vingresor, Maskot Bildbyrå and Tarkett.