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An appointment at LINUM’s Flagship Store.

At the start of this year LINUM opened up its premises at Karlavägen 64 in Stockholm, in doing so establishing its first very own flagship store. Now, a few months in, the spread of COVID-19 has presented many challenges. Despite these new circumstances, we were curious to see how things have gone for the store as well as for LINUM as a whole. So we booked ourselves a coffee with LINUM’s retail manager Mats Svensson.

Tell us how LINUM has balanced its retailer business and its relationship with the end customer?

For many years LINUM has been operating internationally with a number of major retailers, including the French department store Le Bon Marché and the very established Stockmann. For a long time LINUM ran its operations through local European offices and an agent-based sales organisation. However, over the past two years we have modernised and centralised our operations, as increasing numbers of retailers have established themselves in e-commerce. During this time we have also developed our own online store and clarified our assortment. Last year our CEO, Gunilla Brisinger, and our COO, Charlotta Dahlqvist, did a lot of work to develop a range that is more niche and easier to grasp.

Mats Svensson, Retail Manager LINUM.

Has LINUM developed its online business?

Going more digital has meant that we can now shorten our sales processes. We now have much more of a “buy it now, get it now” organisation, and we can provide customers with items 24/7 rather than on select occasions. For my part, I sell in physical meetings, but I also make a lot of sales using our digital tools, such as our B2B portal. In short, an online store for retailers. For me, this portal contact is also about boosting our partners’ businesses, through relevant campaigns, good content and the right mix of items. The content question in particular is considerably higher on the agenda than it used to be, which suggests that we have departed from the classic collection set-up with sell-ins twice per year, and are instead working with new items on more of a rolling basis. A liberating change that creates sharper opportunities to both produce and deliver strong design products based on steadier demand.

The ZAZA throw and BURTON rug in the store on Karlavägen 64.

Tell us about the new store. What is the thinking behind it?

In the new store we can truly do our range justice. In it we have beautifully made beds, table settings, and sofas topped with throws and cushions. Our ambition is for people to be able to see and understand the product. Many people associate LINUM with colour, form and function, and in the store we have done our best to bring out these characteristics. For example, our popular PEPPER seat cushion is available in over twenty shades, and when you see them in store you get a better idea of how they can be paired and co-ordinated for a beautiful overall result. The store also houses our entire range of curtains, which we saw increased demand for in 2019.

PEPPER seat cushion alongside Cushion cover from the PAOLO collection in cotton velvet.
The SETA cushion cover, made of raw silk, is available in several beautiful shades.

Can you reveal any future news?

Right now we are trying to parry the COVID-19 situation. It is, of course, putting huge pressure on our whole industry, and we are trying to do our best for our own business. I personally think it’s also extremely important for us to be more receptive than normal and keep a sense of humility in the face of a faltering market. Nevertheless, lively activity continues in the office, and I know that there are a lot of plans and ideas circulating. Even if nothing is clear right now, there is no doubt that it is an extremely exciting time for retail.

TheZAZA throw with RAW and PEPPER cushion covers.


Photography: Caroline Rosencrantz 2020