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Shut out the outside world and give yourself a quiet moment before bed to take care of your skin. In collaboration with the German beauty brand, BABOR, we are offering two nighttime routines that let your skin regenerate while you get a peaceful night’s rest.

As the body’s largest organ, your skin is a reflection of your inside and acts as an important barrier, balancing what goes on internally as well as externally. Every single day your skin is exposed to things like pollution, sunlight, and blue light from all of today’s technology. Stress speeds up the aging process, which makes recovery all the more important, and your skin is no exception. Preventative skincare helps externally, but we also need to find ways to recover internally. A good night’s rest in a cool, dark, quiet bedroom is vital for all parts of your health.


Rich, nourishing textures that absorb into the skin and actively counteract all types of lines and wrinkles. A classic skincare routine for mature skin with visible signs of aging. Three simple steps for increased firmness and elasticity that also lift and strengthen your face.

After washing your face thoroughly, apply a few drops of the HSR SERUM, a strong concentrate that is effective against all types of lines and wrinkles, including those caused by sagging, dryness, and facial expressions, as well as against one of the main causes of wrinkles: decreased skin elasticity due to aging.
Use your fingertips to carefully pat in a small amount of the HSR EYE CREAM around your eyes. This eye cream has a firming effect, counteracting lines and wrinkles and giving your eyelids a lift.
Lastly, fill your palm with the HSR FOAM MASK and massage into the face, neck, and décolleté. The mask works while you sleep, diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and gives you an overall lifting effect that makes your skin look more even and smooth and firms your face.


A skincare routine for all skin types that rejuvenates your skin and lets your skin regenerate while you get your beauty rest, giving you rested, fresh, and hydrated skin when you wake up.

After washing your face thoroughly, snap open an AMPOULE CONCENTRATE ACTIVE NIGHT, a single-use dose of our active concentrate that is even more powerful than a serum. Beauty sleep in ampoule form that improves the skin’s regeneration process during deep sleep. Increases energy levels in skin cells, actively counteracts the stress caused by everyday life on your skin, and diminishes the appearance of aging. Ingredients like algae, truffle extracts, and bark extracts work in harmony to give your skin a more revitalized and rested look.
The DUAL EYE SOLUTION EYE CREAM NIGHT is a nighttime eye cream that actively counteracts dark circles and bags under the eyes. Contains aesculin, willow bark, and beta-glucan complexes that work together to strengthen vessel walls, increase elasticity, and stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps rid the body of toxins.
DOCTOR BABOR CLEANFORMANCE RENEWAL OVERNIGHT MASK. Complete your routine by applying this rich mask, a wonderfully creamy face mask that diminishes the appearance of lines and treats your skin while you sleep. Contains hydrating pectin from apples, powerful antioxidants from red maple bark extract, and pre and probiotics that strengthen skin health.
Sleeping with a silk pillowcase is not only luxurious and soft, it’s also better for your skin. Silk reduces wear and tear on your skin and hair. Silk is kinder to your skin and causes less friction, reducing the risk of “sleep wrinkles”, giving you smoother skin when you wake up.

Silk is also better at regulating temperature and doesn’t dry your skin out, as it contains natural fats that help your skin retain its natural moisture. Recommended especially for people with dry and/or sensitive skin.


  • Never go to bed without washing your makeup off!
  • Cleansing and moisturizing cream are the foundation for healthy skin!
  • Never underestimate the power of beauty sleep – your skin regenerates while you sleep!

Written by Lisa Halldén, Brand Manager BABOR Sweden.

BABOR Sweden Instagram: baborstockholm