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Autumn Trends 2021.

Over the past few weeks, we have been keeping an eye on trade fairs, catwalks, exhibitions and magazine articles in an attempt to capture what is trending right now. The following four items reflect our exploration and the trends the we at LINUM have found particularly interesting.


We are delighted to see that the useful shade of brown is making a comeback this autumn. During the summer, it was a common sight at the major fashion chains COS and Massimo Dutti, appearing on every other hanger. Now the colour is also coming into its own within interior design, and alongside the more established tones such as fudge and buttery salted caramel, we are increasingly seeing cold chocolate and dark walnut.

PEPPER cushion cover in dark brown, as well as the DUPION in a warm dark brown and the SHEPARD in dark brown.


We are once again furnishing with plenty of textiles, and we are looking for the right, dressy feel. Gone are the bare, minimalist rooms, and in their place we are finding our way to the warm, well-decorated ones. At the moment, there is a demand for in-stock solutions for curtains, and we at LINUM have synchronised the colours in our curtain range. All PAOLO velvet curtains have matching linen curtains that can be used together

The PAOLO and INTERMEZZO curtain comes in a contemporary layer-on-layer solution.


After years of matte qualities trending, it feels very exciting once to again turn our gaze toward fabrics with a little lustre. SILK and SETA are two variants, the former having a more powerful sheen and the latter a more subtle one. They are synchronised in their colour scheme, come in two sizes and are designed to be used in pairs.

SETA and SILK in a granite grey colour.


The embedded trend continues. However, it is a slightly narrower look we are aiming for now with wrinkle-free bedspreads with a completely smooth cover. We like to keep the large cushions at the head end and then style in monochrome in the same shade, but in different sizes. New this year is PICCOLO, a younger sibling of the older and more mature PAOLO. PICCOLO is made for a single bed, but in the same colour scheme as PAOLO, which is why the entire pillow range and curtains can of course also be used with our latest velvet addition.

The PAOLO series is available in several useful colours and can naturally be combined with the new single cover.