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Bring PEPPER out.

The PEPPER seat cushion is a classic LINUM product that has been manufactured for decades. Its sturdy 100% cotton fabric makes it usable for many years. In 2021 we’ll be talking many times about our popular PEPPER collection and our best-selling cushion cover, in a series focusing on PEPPER’s enormous versatility.

The PEPPER seat cushion has long been available in dimensions 40x40x3 cm as a square seat cushion with a tactile feel and rustic quality. The range also includes matching cushion covers in several convenient dimensions such as 40×40 cm, 50×50 cm and 60×60 cm. The cushion covers are easy to match with each other, and you can find everything from light greenyellow and red shades to more earthy beigesbrowns and greys. During 2021 we also launched a round, 37 cm diameter version, and our ambition is to ultimately be able to offer the entire range of 20 different colours.

PEPPER’s versatility is probably the reason why it’s so popular. We often use seat cushions in our everyday lives. In Germany and France they are often used indoors, on kitchen chairs and sofas, while in Scandinavia we used them to adorn our balconies, decking and patios. We often see them in cafés, outdoor eating areas and restaurants, but also in boats, caravans and mobile homes. As seat cushions are easy to store and stack, they make faithful companions for many everyday activities, which is largely why they never go out of fashion.

The great strength of the PEPPER series is that it’s available in more than 20 colours. The collection shares colour codes with the tactile UNI cotton range (ribbed placemats and runners) and the ROBERT napkin. In the article “One colour, one code”, we describe in more detail how we’ve worked with colour over time, and how LINUM’s unique palette of shades was composed.

This autumn, we think you’ll find plenty of reasons to use PEPPER. You can have two (or more) seat cushions in the car in case you stop at a pretty viewpoint along the way, or decide to have a spontaneous picnic to break up your journey. Roll them up and attach them to your baggage rack when you’re out on your bike, or strap them onto your backpack for a hike through the forest in search of forest treasures. Let them become a natural part of your evening at the lake, where your family and friends cosy up together round a campfire. Keep a couple in your workshop or studio, on the veranda or the hall shelf, just an arm’s length away. Lay them out when the kids have friends over and let them have a teddy bear’s picnic in the garden. Offer an older relative extra support or enjoy them yourself in the morning, afternoon or evening. However and whenever you use them, PEPPER seat cushions are always handy to have around.