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Design Sale.

Up to 70% off on our best design pieces.
To the Design Sale.

Step into our outlet.

We top up our outlet regularly with our best designer products. Even favourite parts of our range are discontinued over time in order to make space for news. That’s why we at some periods can offer discounted items. Although, have in mind that these pieces are almost always offered with a limited stock. Happy shopping!

Our campaigns.

Many hours of demanding design work have gone into our products – not to mention the time it takes to actually make them. Our producers are some of the world’s top craftsmen, and they frequently invest a lot of work to produce our wide range of items.

Our editions are limited and in general we have long lead times due to our standards, not producing for mass consumption. With the above in mind, it’s not all that strange that LINUM is careful when it comes to offering discounts. Quite simply, we think our products are worth the price, given the fact that they’re often used for generations.

Occasionally, however, products are discontinued and so we adjust the pricing of the last few we have – and to do this, we add them to our outlet. We might offer slight price reductions on selected product groups during the year, too, but these short-term campaigns are limited. All campaigns appear under CAMPAIGNS in the main menu, and we reserve the right not to supply products that are out of stock and to amend the campaign dates and content. When a campaign periods has ended, the product returns to its regular price and it will no longer be possible to buy it at a discount.

We wish you a warm welcome to shop at LINUM!