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Caring for your cutting board

The CUT cutting board is one of the hidden gems of LINUM’s range. Made of solid oak and available in two practical sizes, it is a much-loved kitchen accessory.

In this post, we share two great tips on caring for your wooden cutting board, and why giving it a little extra love and attention can be well worth your time. With the right care, your board will last longer, in addition to it being a more environmentally friendly, as well as hygienic, choice. Wood contains substances that are not only antiseptic but also dry out moisture.


Tip 1: clean using normal household ingredients

Your cutting board is happiest when washed by hand. Dishwashers dry it out, so with time cracks may appear. Some washing up liquid – preferably eco-friendly – and a good washing-up brush will go a long way. Salt, lemon, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar are household basics that can also be used to really get to work on bacteria and odours. Natural products are also desirable from a food preparation standpoint. Mix the ingredients and apply using a kitchen sponge, then leave them to work their magic for a while before rinsing.

Tip 2: sand and apply natural oils

Bacteria can get into a cutting board’s pores, but by sanding and oiling you can make the surface good as new again. In addition, a smooth surface helps to keep knives sharper for longer. Yearly maintenance can be a good idea, as can simply treating the wood whenever dryness or deeper cuts appear. Sand the surface with sandpaper – preferably one with a coarse grit, followed by one with a fine grit. Rinse and dry. The cutting board must be completely dry before applying any oil. We tend to use natural oils already found in the kitchen, such as cooking oil, olive oil or rapeseed oil, but according to experts coconut oil has the best properties. Rub both sides of the cutting board and all edges, and leave to dry for a day or so. Excess oil can be dried off afterwards.