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Choose the right rug for your home

How should I place my rug? What size is the most ultimate for my space? Solid color or patterned? A rug affects the overall impression of a room and should work together with other furnishings. In our carpet guide we answer some of the most common questions that can arise when buying a rug. See it as a helping hand in the pursuit of the perfect rug.

Select the right size

Before you buy your rug, measure the space where it is going to be placed. Should the rug be lying by the couch, it should be slightly wider than the couch itself. This is to frame and accommodate the surface for the furniture. Also, push the rug about 20 cm under the couch or bed to unite the group of furniture with the rug and defining the space. If the rug is too small, the furniture appears to float freely on the floor and outside the rug, which is often perceived as messier in the room.

Frame the space

When choosing the shape and size of your rug, you should consider the size and shape of the room. Larger rooms require a larger rug or several smaller ones to create the feeling of a room in the room. For example, if you have a dining area and a sofa in the same room, the rug works as a spatial marker for the two different areas and can create a divided yet consistent atmosphere in the same room. If you have a larger room with an empty surface or with fewer furniture, a rug works like a focus point on the floor and gives the room a more intimate feeling.

Combine pattern and colour

A difficult decision may be to choose the colour or the pattern on the rug. If you have a patterned room with, for example, patterned curtains and cushions and very lively walls with art or patterned wallpaper, a single-coloured could be a choice since it will calm down and hold together a colour scale chosen in the room. If you have a more minimalistic interior with a neutral colour scheme, a patterned rug can serve as an eye catcher and create an interesting feature in the room. To enhance the style in the room you can match the pattern in the rug with similar patterns on cushions or a blanket on the couch.