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Josefin Tolstoy interprets LINUM.

LINUM is pleased to introduce a content theme, exploring how industry professionals interpret our product assortment. We are inspired by others’ eye and feel for our textiles, and don’t believe that we always have to be the originator when it comes to the creative. Which is why we are inviting new faces to share their wealth of ideas.

We here at LINUM recently revealed our latest campaign, in which we are offering 20% off on our rich range of cushion covers. Replacing and updating cushions can be a way of bringing about more innovative, but also more harmonious, home interiors. Through its sophisticated design and urban feel, LINUM pursues an independent, creative line, with unique patterns that create a sense of style as well as cosiness.

In November 2019, we had the chance to speak to interiors stylist and art director Josefin Tolstoy. Our conversation touched upon her relationship with LINUM, her view on home textiles, and the importance of creating a home. Be inspired by Josefin’s creative way of thinking, unique style, and little tricks you can use to achieve design perfection.

How does your work in art direction relate to your styling work?

They are both closely linked. When I’m styling I’m often the Art Director as well; it’s all about creating visual solutions for a target group.

What does design mean to you?

In private spaces it brings up thoughts of nesting, which is a natural part of being human; the desire to surround yourself with things that inspire comfort as well as positive emotions.

How can textiles transform an entire space?

Textiles are what give a sense of cosiness. They insulate sound and can also change the character of a room.

When styling homes, how do you piece together the details?

I look for a sort of harmony with finesse. I take a close look at the colours and materials/textures that are already in the home, and then try to pick them out with other textiles and decorations. I also like adding something that breaks that all up and adds something unexpected – here handicrafts can be a fun thing to work with, for example.

Where can we style with cushions – other than the sofa?

I actually sit on the floor more than the sofa, so for me the floor is a natural place for cushions. Plus I have never had a headboard, but instead prefer to pile up cushions in different sizes. It looks more inviting, and also makes curling up with a good book even more cosy, for example.

Tell us about five of your favourite pieces in your home.

1. A textile that my mother wove, which is hanging on my living room wall.
2. Our EVA armchairs from Bruno Mathsson.
3. Our dining table – it was a family heirloom and is very substantial. It sits eight comfortably, with plenty of space around the edges to add four more if needed.
4. A ceramic painting by Värmland artist and ceramist Solveig Nyquist.
5. Our big rug in the living room, because I love sitting on the floor.

What are your best design tips for making interiors pop and stand out?

Choose with care – don’t follow fast trends. Let your home develop; don’t stare yourself blind looking at what works with what. If you can, invest in good, quality design, or support your local craftsmen. Dare to pair art and textiles that don’t match.

Do you have any personal connections to LINUM?

I have always liked LINUM’s products and quality. My mum is a textiles teacher, and to this day I have a LINUM fabric that we used to make cushions for my childhood bedroom.

What are your favourite cushions from LINUM’s assortment?

The products in the camel brown shade from the PAOLO collection is clean-as-a-whistle in terms of style, and has a very luxurious finish. I also love LINUM’s classic stripes, for example in the GABLE cushion. It has that “LINUM-stripe”, as my mum would call it. I love that it’s still around and developing; there is a great feel to the fabric.

Would you like to learn more about Josefin?
Follow her on Instagram: @josefin_tolstoy or visit her website: www.josefintolstoy.com

Styled by Josefin Tolstoy. Photo: Helen Pe.