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Dining with BIANCA.

Are you looking for a functional solution for everyday dinners? Would you like to offer a table setting that is as tasteful as it is easy to set? Do you need durable textiles that are easy to wash and iron? If your answer is “yes”, then our affordable BIANCA series will probably tick off most of the items on your wish list.

LINUM has supplied textiles for kitchens and dining rooms for decades. We’re skilled at producing functional colours and dimensions in a variety of vogue qualities, including linen (see our popular WEST collection and our patterned favourite NOUVEAU) and cotton. BIANCA is a perfect alternative that’s reasonably priced. With BIANCA, anyone can come up with a creative and seasonal table setting without the price tag getting out of hand.

The BIANCA tablecloth, styled and photographed by Emma Johansson.

BIANCA is available in several functional dimensions.

BIANCA is made of 100% cotton and gives a tactile impression. It’s durable and robust, without being perceived as heavy or clumsy. It fits nicely on an everyday dining room table and you won’t need a table protector. BIANCA is available in the functional dimensions 100×100 cm, 140×180 cm and 150×250 cm, where the smallest fits, for example, side boards, living room tables or smaller balcony tables (2 seats).

The BIANCA tablecloth comes in the dimensions 100×100 cm, 140×180 cm and 150×250 cm.

The BIANCA tablecloth’s play of colours.

The BIANCA tablecloth is available in several functional colours – nine to be precise. The range includes both bright, strong colours such as Moss Green and Cerise Red, but also more neutral and earthy shades such as Warm Beige and Granite Grey. BIANCA also offers beautiful blue tones that can be used the whole year round. Last year, among other things, LINUM made its New Year’s table setting in Ink Blue.

The BIANCA tablecloth in the colours White, Light Grey Blue and Ink Blue.

The BIANCA napkin, an attractive option.

The BIANCA series also includes a napkin coming in a generous 45×45 cm dimension. Made of 100% cotton, it, just like its tablecloth counterpart, gives a durable and tactile impression. The napkin comes with a very favourable price and is also combines beautifully with a classic linen cloth. We recommend going tone-on-tone and then contrast with crockery or freshly cut flowers.


BIANCA is one of our most affordable collections and is also available on Amazon Germany, France, and SwedenAmazon offers fast deliver anywhere in Europe and is an easy shopping solution for anyone who’d like to get their products within a few days. Amazon also has many of our other cotton lines, including PEPPER and ANNABELL (launching in 2022 on linumdesign.com), giving you even more reason to take a quick peek.