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Elin Lannsjö interprets LINUM.

LINUM is pleased to introduce a content theme, exploring how industry professionals interpret our product assortment. We are inspired by others’ eye and feel for our textiles, and don’t believe that we always have to be the originator when it comes to the creative. Which is why we are inviting new faces to share their wealth of ideas.

Ahead of spring’s big PEPPER campaign, we reached out to stylist, photographer, interior designer and influencer Elin Lannsjö. Elin lives in Gothenburg and has an amazing allotment garden, where we got to see our tactile seat cushions and pure-cotton cushion covers come into their own. We hope that seeing Elin’s lovely life on the allotment and her passion for design, nature and gardening will make you just as inspired to get outdoors for summer as we were!

Photos and styling by Elin Lannsjö

Who are you? We would love to get to know you and give our readers as true a picture of you as possible. What can you tell us about yourself?

OK, let’s start from the start! I have roots in the forests of Småland, and my need to be close to water and nature is a very characteristic trait that I inherited from my upbringing. I also love city life and the stimulation it offers. The opportunities for culture, great restaurants, meeting people, sunny little outdoor dining areas and lovely bakeries are all just as important to me as nature. In Gothenburg, where I live, I am close to all of these things. My partner Victor – who is an architect – and I have renovated our apartment in Majorna, which is also a stone’s throw from our allotment cottage. I am a ceramic designer with my own brand, and I love making, creativity and design in different forms. I love life’s contrasts and find joy in small things, like the scent of lavender, swimming in winter or feeling the spring sun on my face. I work as a stylist and influencer, and sometimes as a photographer and interior designer. Blogging for ELLE Decoration allows me to bring everything that inspires me together in one place, so that I can share it more easily.

Could you tell us about your interest in the outdoors, gardening and plants?

Sure, I’d love to. My interest in plants, gardens and flowers came when we bought our allotment and cottage almost 10 years ago. All of a sudden I had an overgrown garden to look after, and even once we’d completely renovated the cottage – which was rickety to say the least – my partner and I decided to redo the garden from scratch, too. It was a little the worse for wear. During this process I learnt a few things about plants and flowers and discovered how much I love this world. I’ve also made a lot of mistakes along the way, but there are a few spots in the garden that I am very happy with.

When do you “move out” to your allotment for the summer, and what inspires you then?

When I took the inspiration shots for “Elin Lannsjö interprets LINUM”, we had just started moving our first things out to the allotment for the season. I’m always out there as soon as I can be; for me the allotment season starts as soon as the frost lets go of the earth. It’s extra cosy out on the allotments then, as most of the cottages are still shut for winter and there’s a real sense of calm. That’s when I take the chance to move my quilts, cushions and textiles out there, and stock the kitchen cupboards properly. This year I am using my lovely PEPPER cushion covers and seat cushions from LINUM on my patio furniture. I mainly use natural materials in my interiors, and these pure cotton cushions are just right for my patio.

When you design interiors, do you think more in terms of practicality or aesthetics?

Aesthetics are what appeal to me most. My eyes are what seduce me first, and I feel good when I’m surrounded by beautiful things. So my impulse is towards aesthetics, but over the years I have become increasingly aware of the importance of function and practical solutions. These contribute to another sort of wellbeing, which is also very important.

What is your impression of LINUM? And what do you think of the PEPPER seat cushion? How have you interpreted us?

My interpretation of LINUM… I wanted to capture an early spring evening out on the allotment. To highlight LINUM in my world, where urban city life collides with nature and vegetation. On that evening in particular the air was completely still. There were a few birds twittering, the smell of grass in the air. It’s at its most beautiful when the sun is low, and the light practically has to drag itself into the garden. The drawn-out shadows get longer and longer, and soon enough the sun dives down behind the so-called “County Governor’s” houses nearby. I spread my lovely cushions and seat cushions out on the grass and in the corner by our bedroom cabin, where the patio furniture is.

I touched the branches of the apple trees, could see the small beginnings of buds, and my clematis at the entrance had green leaves starting to come through. Lovely, warming signs of spring. I had found the same type of clematis in a florist’s earlier that day, and so bought myself a few to put in a vase. They blend in perfectly with the burgundy shade of PEPPER, and the colours in this collection of cushion covers and seat cushions truly are beautiful. Soft shades that are natural yet earthy – exactly what I like to have around me. So I poured myself a cup of hot tea and took out my camera, and found some nice angles for a series of lyrical pictures. I sat there on the grass for a while – I’d laid out loads of cushions and throws around a tray.


This is exactly how I will serve up a tea or brunch for the girls. I captured a moment from the patio, where the focus is on the earthy purple that contrasts beautifully with the rusty garden elements and the soon-to-be lush greenery. I wrapped myself up in the thick cotton DROTTNINGHOLM when it started to get cold. Both cosy and beautiful. Function and aesthetics in one.


Read Elin’s blog here, and get inspired by her fantastic Instagram feed.