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Emelie Sundberg interprets LINUM; 2

In this season’s first interpretation we have invited Emelie Sundberg of the celebrated design podcasts. Every week, Emelie meets Swedish design enthusiasts to take a peek inside their private homes. In conversations that go beyond the facades, they explore their true taste and what lies behind their interest in interiors, trends and design.

It’s so amazing how such small things can give a room a whole new feel. New wallpaper and textiles create a whole new room. I think that captures the essence of my interest in interior design. The feeling of being an artist and starting with a blank canvas and then painting it exactly the way you want. And the best thing is that you can always start again, change your mind and make new paintings.

Our bedroom has gone from having bright walls painted in a rougher limestone colour to a cosy, soft feel with a patterned light green wallpaper.

When I redecorated our bedroom, I started by choosing the wallpaper. I chose the “Liv” wallpaper from Boråstapeter, adorned with foliage with a folkloric feel. It has a muted misty green hue with hints of pale terracotta. Since the wallpaper is a little busier, I chose the INTERMERZZO curtain in 100% linen in “Mole Brown”. It’s really quite stunning, and I’m always drawn to earthy colours. It’s like those colours make me feel grounded, calm and more present in the moment. Switching out your curtains is such a simple thing to do and gives your room a whole new feel. One tip I’d give is to try to match the colours of the curtains with other textiles in the room, such as cushions, throws or the like.

The Ellipse ceiling lamp in linen from Watt & Veke goes well with the curtains, and we added a headboard as the icing on the cake. A light beige rounded headboard in velvet that pairs perfectly with the PAOLO cushion in cotton velvet. On the bed, I went with a PAOLO 50×90 in Mole Brown, which goes so nicely with the curtains.

I chose to tie up the curtains, too, because I think it gives a lovely and slightly mischievous feel. The best thing is that you can just untie them when you feel like it. With the sun streaming into the bedroom like this, I can’t wait for spring when I can open the balcony door and have a cup of coffee in the spring sunshine.