If you receive a defected product, please notify us as soon as possible by email to: [email protected]

Please include as follows in your mail:

  • A description of what is wrong with the product and add photo documenting the defect.
  • If possible, please add a photo of the paper tag that is attached to the product, so that we can trace the origin of the defect.
  • The order number, order date and the e-mail you ordered with.

We try to handle your case as soon as possible. Please note that an assessment of your application can take up to seven working days. If LINUM deems the product to be defective, you will receive a full refund including shipping costs.

NOTE: Do not send the item you want to complain to LINUM without first having been in contact with LINUM's customer service and having your complaint approved. If you do so, it may unfortunately mean that we are unable to process your complaint and refund the shipping costs.

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