LINUM’S interpretations.

Krautkopf interprets LINUM.

It is a true pleasure to be able to present the German duo Krautkopf for a brilliantly and beautiful summer interpretation. For the photograpers, calling themselves Krautkopf on social media, the rich life in the garden is vital and their creativity in how they can use everything it has to offer, is exciting to say the least. In this article, they tell us more about their interpretation and their ambitions behind.
For us, our garden is a place of never ending inspiration. As soon as the first greens welcomes spring, we are spending more time outside than inside the house. It is lovely to start the day with a walk through the greens and the herb beds. Here we can ground ourselves, experience the seasons intensively, find pure fascination for the processes in nature and at the same time completely exhale and recharge our batteries.
We especially appreciate our kitchen garden, where the rich vegan delicacies are right on our doorstep from May to november and where we continuously are supplied with fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit. We love to wander through the vegetable fields and harvest everything that spontaneously catches our eye, combining new flavors and never allowing ourselves to get bored in the kitchen. The garden is as much our everyday life as it is our work.

For us, our garden is a place of never ending inspiration.

"We spend many hours a day outside and are usually working or at least in a constant flow of activity. There has been a lack of proper rest areas in the garden so far. Places that invite you to do more than just eat lunch or have a cup of tea outdoors. We want to be able to linger there for a longer time.”
We used the collaboration with LINUM as a driving force in creating new places in the garden and to complement our green living room with a higher cosiness factor. What pleases us about LINUM's range is the products' unadorned expression and perfect timelessness, as well as the harmonious selection of colours and textures that suit us and our garden. Our new feel good places should be as versatile as LINUM's cushions.
For this purpose, we had a self-designed, modular "furniture" manufactured where we welded together three steel frames with adjustable feet, and mounted on three thick oak beams. "The mobile terrace" can now be used as a spacious lawn or a small extra area, but also as a place for separate sun loungers or garden benches. The combination of materials, steel and wood, can already be found in several places in the garden and fits well with the cotton fabrics from LINUM (both the fine cotton quality of the ANNABELL cushions and the thicker but still soft cotton fabrics from SHEPARD and PEPPER). Thanks to the robust material, they are also ideal for picnics directly on the meadow in the shade under our birch trees. The wonderful yellow hue of the seat cushions, combined with the intense scent of elderberries in the garden, inspired us to make a fruity and fresh lemon cake.
"In the future, we want to take more time to relax outside and create special moments and experiences. For example, an outdoor cinema night with fruity drinks and popcorn. A relaxed Sunday between the pillows with a good book or with an exciting podcast playing in your ears. Moments that feel like a short vacation and provide balance to the stressful everyday life."

Krautkopf (Susann Probst & Yannic Schon), @kraut_kopf

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