PAOLO Curtain 2-pack Ink blue

Art. no: 16PAO34911C54
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About this product
Frame your interiors beautifully with the PAOLO velvet curtain in the colour ink blue made of 100% cotton. Unlike many synthetic options on the market, PAOLO’s generous drapes, measuring 290 cm in length and 135 cm in width, have a natural lustre.

PAOLO can be threaded straight onto a curtain rod, but it also comes complete with pleat tape for the use of pin hooks. Our MAGAZINE features an excellent guide to help you select the hanging style for you. PAOLO comes in a 2-pack, which means you only need to add one pack to your shopping basket to get a pair.

PAOLO’s colour range has been designed to match INTERMEZZO’s linen curtains, that means all PAOLO curtains are perfectly matched with INTERMEZZO. The aim is to be able to use them layer-on-layer to achieve depth and richness of drape. Of course, PAOLO is also beautiful on its own. The PAOLO curtain also matches the bedspreads and cushion covers in the same range.

PAOLO is not a blackout curtain for bedrooms, but does provide relatively good light exclusion thanks to its backing. This gives the curtain a stability and structure and enhances its exclusive look. Please note that velvet can attract more dust and pet hairs, for example, than other materials, but this is easily fixed with a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner with an appropriate nozzle for textiles. Velvet is also sensitive to pressure, avoid crushing.
Color: Ink blue
Size: 135x290 cm
Material: 100% Cotton velvet
Washing: Machine wash at 30°C
Collection: PAOLO
Country of manufacture: India
Art. no: 16PAO34911C54
Wash & Care

These are general guidelines – in the first instance, always follow the instructions on the product's washing advice label. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail:

LINUM's range consists exclusively of products made of natural materials, with the exception of synthetic cushion inserts and seat cushion upholstery. When a product is made of 100% cotton, silk, linen or similar, the thread can change in thickness, for example, and variations in the fabric are therefore not uncommon. Colours may also fade over time. Natural materials generally have very high durability, but as their fibre is derived from the plant kingdom, a product may require more care and handling than goods made from synthetic materials. 

Washing instructions for the UNI and PEPPER collection

UNI runners, UNI placemats and ROBERT napkin

  • The UNI placemats and runners are made in a classic ribbed structure and can be machine washed at 40°C.
  • They should not be folded when placed in the machine, but should be as stretched out as possible.
  • Wash the products separately (not with other products), as a more airy wash better retains the shape of the product. At the end of the washing programme, the products must be stretched by hand to preserve their structure. Do not tumble dry. The products should be allowed to air dry on a flat surface and can be ironed when they are still a little damp, retaining their shape and lying better on the table.
  • ROBERT napkin can also be washed at 40°C and ironed when still slightly damp.

PEPPER seat cushion

  • PEPPER seat cushions can be machine washed at 40°C.
  • Let the washing programme run smoothly and wash a few cushions at a time. PEPPER is best dried on a flat surface and should not be tumble dried.
  • Single stains can also be washed by hand and a full machine is not always necessary.

PEPPER, ANNABELL and SHEPARD cushion covers

  • PEPPER, ANNABELL and SHEPARD cushion covers should be washed out and into 40°C and with the zip closed as far as possible.
  • They are best washed with similar colours and should be air-dried, not tumble-dried. Cushion covers can be ironed for more firmness when they are still a little, little damp.

Washing instructions for the PAOLO collection

  • All products included in the velvet range are machine washable at 30°C.
  • Wash them separately and in airy washes to avoid pressure from other items. Pressure from other products may cause streaks or stains in the velvet as the material has a short pile that can be compressed by external pressure.
  • Cushion covers should be turned inside out and the zip closed as far as possible.
  • Bedspreads can dry hanging, but with the smooth side facing inwards, and cushion covers and curtains should dry flat. Please note that the fabric is sensitive to pressure and streaks and stains can occur from washing lines and clothes pegs, for example. No products in the collection can be tumble-dried.
  • The CALCIO and AMALFI cushion covers can be machine washed at 30°C. We recommend a very gentle programme and washing them separately.
  • Silk should always be dry cleaned.
Shipping & delivery

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Norway: 2-4 days lead time with UPS.
Countries within the European Union: 2-4 days lead time with UPS.
Countries outside the European Union: 2-4 days lead time with UPS.

Shipping fee:
Sweden: 79 SEK (DHL and Budbee Box) 99 SEK (Budbee Home) and free shipping on orders over 999 SEK.
Norway: 99 NOK and free shipping on orders over 999 NOK.
Denmark: 79 DKK and free shipping on orders over 999 DKK.
Rest of Europe and Switzerland: 9 EUR and free shipping on orders over 99 EUR.
USA: 29 USD.
GB: 9 GBP and free shipping on orders over 99 GBP.

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