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Find PEPPER on Amazon.

Have you heard about the PEPPER seat cushion and cushion cover? Or have you never heard of the product before? PEPPER, in all its simplicity, is one of LINUM’s most prized products, thanks to its ability to fit in and blend. PEPPER’s been available on Amazon since 2018, with the marketplace’s impressive infrastructure enabling fast deliveries throughout Europe.

With PEPPER’s popularity increasing, we at LINUM would also like to offer PEPPER to a greater extent and, with no player having a stronger logistics network than Amazon at present, their marketplace became a natural choice. Emma Möllare is LINUM’s Digital Project & Marketplace Manager, creating strategies for campaigns, for how the goods should be displayed and for what our stores on Amazon should look like. We had the opportunity to ask Emma questions, and wanted to understand more about how Amazon works.

PEPPER cushion cover and seat cushion.

Does LINUM have a presence in every country?

The idea is that LINUM should be available in the languages that linumdesign.com can be viewed in. Sometimes, however, we’re ahead when it comes to launching stores and sometimes the web shop’s ahead when it comes to adding a new language. On Amazon, there are currently stores in Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

What’s available on Amazon?

Amazon hosts our most important product groups – amongst which the PEPPER seat cushion and cushion cover are to be considered the most prominent. It’s a signature product that LINUM has been manufactured for decades. Amazon’s online store is backed by a complex logistics network and, with every product needing to have its own campaign schedule, this limits the possibility of having a wide range. We’d like to provide LINUM’s flagship products via Amazon, for fast and efficient deliveries, and that’s why we prefer going narrow and fast rather than wide and slow.

PEPPER, Light Grey 40×40.

PEPPER, Bronze Brown ø 37 cm.

PEPPER, Granite Grey 40×40.

How do you choose your colours?

PEPPER seat cushion is available in over 20 colours, but for Amazon’s range our choice of colours is based purely on customer demand. It’s all about the data and algorithms that tell about what’s most clicked and most sold. We usually vary, however, depending how the season goes, but as a rule, the range is set based on what the demand looks like.

Emma Möllare, Digital Project & Marketplace Manager.