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Find UNI on Amazon.

UNI placemats and runners are among LINUM’s best selling products. They have been a part of our project range for decades. The classic ribbed texture is the product’s signature feature, and even though the dimensions, colours and names have varied over time, it’s been a loyal companion on our global journey.

Back in 2018, we launched parts of our product range on Amazon, by far the largest e-commerce outlet in Europe. While more and more physical outlets have chosen to move their operations online or shut down completely, demand for our trademark within our global customer base remained. Our ambition then became to develop our own e-commerce business, and to create a presence via Amazon.

UNI placemats have gone by a number of different names over the years, but in one form or another they have always been a part of LINUM’S product range.

In order to gain a better understanding of Amazon as a marketplace, we sat down with Sofie Rejler Arvidson, Digital Business Manager and project manager for the company’s development via marketplaces, for an interesting conversation about our new purchasing patterns.

Sofie, how has Amazon been able to become so important to online commerce today? What are its success factors?

Amazon is a gigantic platform on which the customer can compare quality, price and delivery terms all in one place. It’s no secret that the focus is on the customer at all times. Thanks to Amazon gathering vast quantities of data, customers are offered goods and services customised according to their previous purchases, but also based on the books they read, the films they watch and so forth. Amazon is a gigantic search engine, whose offers continually improve as the product range grows; satisfied customers attract more customers, and as the customer base grows, new suppliers are attracted, who in turn attract new customers, and thus the ball keeps rolling.

UNI is a part of the product range launched globally on Amazon. Why do you think UNI sells so well all over the world?

UNI is a perfect base product for kitchens and tables. A wide product range with many fine colours from which to choose, as well as complementary items, for example, napkins, are all what make it a best seller. It’s a timeless product that works on all markets and that is not dependent on weather or the seasons. It’s always fascinating to follow which colours sell best on each market. There are actually considerable differences believe it or not!

Will promotional campaigns for UNI via Amazon be arranged in the future?

Since UNI is a good base product that can advantageously be combined with complementary items within the kitchen segment, we will definitely be running campaigns on Amazon in the future.

UNI runners and placemats are synchronised in their colour scale. And the ROBERT napkin will also soon be with us. Will ROBERT be sold on Amazon, and will the 4-pack continue to be available?

The ROBERT napkin, which also is available in a wide variety of colours, handsomely matches UNI. Why not break out with another colour or arrange a colour-coordinated setting? ROBERT will definitely be sold on AMAZON in a practical 4-pack.

The ROBERT napkin comes in a practical 4-pack and is available both on Amazon and on www.linumdesign.com.

Which colour in the UNI range do you like best?

I like to have different colours depending on the occasion and season: a clear red for Christmas, yellow for Easter and one of the beautiful shades of blue in the summertime for the table outdoors. Which colour is the prettiest? “Deep Sea Blue”, of course.

Sofie Rejler Arvidson, Digital Business Manager.

LINUM is available on Amazon Europe and Amazon USA.