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Five beloved Christmas textiles

Like a child’s delight at the first snow, we at LINUM are very excited that Christmas is on its way. Soon dark windows will be lit up by candles and advent stars, and we look forward to that special smell of home-baked pastries spreading all the way out into hallways.

For decades, we at LINUM have celebrated one of our favourite holidays, and it’s with that in mind that we have created our own Christmas section. We want to assist you in making that careful seletion of home textiles for the holidays, and draw attention to a few products we have a particular soft spot for.

WHYTE, a classic Christmas tablecloth

If we could choose only one classic Christmas tablecloth from our wide selection, it would be WHYTE. Rustic, practical and with generous sizes for those big festive tables (170x250cm and 170x330cm), it makes for the perfect frame for your celebration. The tablecloth is available in a traditional red, a refreshing white and a beautiful dark grey. It features a stylishly woven horizontal motif reminiscent of embroidery. We also have cushion covers in the same series, in order to create a complete look and that true sense of Christmas.

TAYLOR, the beautiful weave

In the past year we have well and truly fallen for layered table settings. First we lay a traditional linen tablecloth, for which there is no safer bet than the WEST line in the linen beige colourway. To this we add the timeless Christmas runner, TAYLOR, in either an atmospheric red or more harmonious green. The clean stripes create character and ambiance. After that, we carefully lay the placemats and decorate – ideally with a fresh spruce twig at each place setting.

DUPION and SILK, a more lavish celebration

For a long time now matte fabrics have taken centre stage in design shops and stores, but we are daring to believe that textiles with a lustre and silky smooth finish are on the way back in. We have therefore re-introduced our beautiful DUPION and SILK cushion covers in a deep and sophisticated colour palette. Made of 100% silk and available in several practical sizes, the fancy cushion makes for a beautiful compliment to any sofa suite.

PEPPER, our dear friend

PEPPER is the seat cushion and cushion cover that has returned year after year in LINUM’s assortment. Its quality is outstanding – so phenomenal, in fact, that we wonder if PEPPER might even be one of the top products in the world in its genre? Made of 100% cotton and easy to wash, PEPPER is just as well suited to the kitchen as to the living room. We even take the seat out with us to stop us from catching cold on a biting December day.

GABLE, a one-of-a-kind

It’s hard to find cushion covers like GABLE nowadays. The cotton and linen fabric gives it a distinctive look, along with its sophisticated stripes. We are particularly keen on the sense of luxury it oozes, which stems from this very distinctiveness. The cushion cover feels almost familiar in a way, like a greeting from the past.