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Five selected cushion covers at a reduced price.

Do you find sales confusing or disorganised? So do we. It can be difficult to get an overview of things and find the really useful gems. In this post, we’ve listed some of our absolute top design products with the focus on colour, shape and pattern.

LINUM has designed and produced cushion covers based on unique qualities and patterns since 1966. Over the years we’ve launched favourites such as the flowery PARADISE, the checkered OSBY, and the striped GABLE. For this year’s sale, we’ve discounted some of our most popular cushion covers and would like to invite you to take advantage of a great opportunity to brighten up your home at a slightly lower price.

DAISY is a real gem of a design within the LINUM range. The cushion cover is only 35×50 cm, and therefore fits perfectly in an armchair or small lounge suite. In addition to the Dark Charcoal Grey colour scheme, there is also a green and a purple variant. DAISY has a classic Swedish pattern with a really rustic feel. DAISY has a dainty design and looks beautiful together with MIDSUMMER and RUBUS.

Unfortunately, all products in the colour granite grey in our very popular WEST range are to be discontinued. WEST is made in the Baltics and is a solid and tactile collection adapted for everyday life. WEST was first launched in 2003 and has since been available in several different colour schemes. WEST in classic granite grey was returned to the range in 2019, but will be making space for other product groups in 2023. The collection includes bedspreads, cushion covers, curtains, napkins and tablecloths.

MIDSUMMER is a beautiful cushion cover inspired by Swedish nature. The picture shows Dark Charcoal Grey, but there are more shades to choose from. Made of 100% linen. MIDSUMMER fits perfectly with DAISY and RUBUS cushion covers, as their colour scheme is based on the same set of colour codes.

DUPION is made of 100% dupion silk and is available in several attractive colours. Silk is rare these days, which makes quality combined with a discount a bargain to say the least. DUPION entered LINUM’s range early on, but was replaced by SILK in recent years. In 2021, LINUM upgraded its range of colours for the popular cushion cover, and all our products ended up under one and the same collective name.

RUBUS has a classic LINUM stripe and is available in three different colour schemes. RUBUS is made of 100% cotton and gives a rustic impression. RUBUS goes well with MIDSUMMER or DAISY, as they share the same set of colour codes. RUBUS is easy to care for and wash and is therefore often used in conservatories or on terraces.