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Four fantastic finds!

For many years now our sales have been very popular, and we start getting questions on social media about what will feature in our sales and when from as early as November and December. This year we have fewer sales items than normal, but the content is also that bit sharper, too. In this post we share our four sale favourites.

1. NARA, a throw for late summer evenings

Made of 100% wool, this light blanket still offers plenty of warmth. Supple and easy to store, we think it’s ideal for sitting outside in those last few evenings at summer’s end. Top up the glasses and hand one to your guests, and stay out on the terrace or balcony for another hour. Available in three different colourways, NARA works well with several different styles, from urban chic to rustic sophistication.

2. MULHOLLAND, a key design piece

Initially available in both pink and green versions, MULHOLLAND’s grey colourway is the only one left – and it might just be the most beautiful. The bold motif is vibrant, while the colour palette is sober, which is often a nice combination for anyone planning interiors. The rug is made of 100% wool, in a practical 140×200 cm size.


3. GARBO, like no other

The hand-tufted GARBO cushion cover in 100% wool stands out for its tough look and distinctive design. The cushion cover, which is named after Swedish actress Greta Garbo, matches the rug of the same name. Together the two make for a lovely living room or bedroom combo, with a feel that is soft and inviting, but also unique.


4. KAHN, a beautiful candle

KAHN is available in both silver and gold brass, but as we northerners tend to go wild for light silvery metals, we are only too happy to give the former a little extra attention. These candelabra, which come in several practical sizes, are most beautiful in groups, and we particularly like the way their different heights create a lively, dynamic impression. The KAHN candlestick is rarely discounted, so now is your chance to go all out.