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Four fantastic finds!

For many years now our sales have been very popular, and we start getting questions on social media about what will feature in our sales and when from as early as November and December. This year we have fewer sales items than normal, but the content is also that bit sharper, too. In this post we share our four sale favourites.


WEST is LINUM’S classic linen range, manufactured in the Baltic states. The range has been a part of the LINUM product range for decades. LINUM customers will be familiar with WEST, and know that the collection has been available in a number of different colours, styles and product groups through the years. WEST was reintroduced in 2019 in a toned-down, Nordic colour scale, with light dusty pink in a limited edition We are now selling off the last few examples, and for anyone who love shades of pink, this product line is a definite must-have.

2. PAOLO, lavender meets dawn purple

Over the past year, this trendy purple has regularly been seen in the established fashion houses throughout Europe. And once seen there, it never takes long before it finds its way into interior furnishings and textiles. PAOLO is LINUM’S popular velvet range, made of 100% cotton. Its tactile texture and beautiful natural lustre are PAOLO’s signature features. The combination of purple with purple is incredibly beautiful, and goes amazingly well with beige, grey and creamy white.


3. SORRENTO, a rug made of 100% jute fibre

An immensely popular rug. It was previously available in white, a straw-coloured version, but now exclusively in black. Perfect for spacious patios and roofed terraces. Its beautiful texture adds elegance to a cold concrete floor or worn wood, which is why it has been a recurring favourite in country houses and holiday cottages, as well as other close-to-nature homes throughout Europe.


4. HEDVIG, light cypress green

Spring is on its way. In fact, it begins only two or three months from now, and will mark its arrival with its fresh green colour. HEDVIG is made of cotton/linen, and is an excellent choice for the kitchen and for dining tables, with its beautiful trendy green to make it a real treasure. Tablecloths teamed with napkins or placemats offer a simple solution for everyday meals at the table, while tea towels make a great present. Just about every employee at LINUM owns something from the HEDVIG series, and we often talk about its durability and how easy it is to style.