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The versatile HEDVIG

A modern and usable range of kitchen textiles for the urban and active home.
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The tablecloth

The wide range of sizes together with the sober colour scheme are some of HEDVIG's strengths.
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The napkin
Mixing and matching. HEDVIG opens up for endless of possibilities.
The placemat
The runner

Everybody loves HEDVIG

We know how difficult it is to find exactly what you are looking for. Over the years, we are searching for practical tools that does the job, try new ones and replace them with others. With our HEDVIG range, we wanted to create a long lasting and usable collection of products to meet all your needs – both in the kitchen and when setting the table. Versatility is HEDVIG’s strength, and this collection includes tea towels, tablecloths, napkins, placemats, runners, cushion covers and aprons.

This is a complete range to suit a varied target group with a number of different styles. We envisage HEDVIG as being part of a refined urban kitchen or a more rustic environment characterised by garden greenery. This apron is designed to withstand any of the challenges thrown at it while cooking, but it’s also ideal when working in the greenhouse or pottering among the plants on terraces and balconies. HEDVIG products are easy to care for and come with easy care instructions. They’re made from a hardwearing fabric, a carefully devised mix of linen and cotton that doesn’t need ironing if it’s shaped straight after washing. At LINUM, we’re also proud of our harmonious colour range that allows our products to be used both individually and together.

HEDVIG products are also very popular as gifts as they’re both usable and beautiful to look at. For instance, a tablecloth anda napkin kit or an apron with tea towels are a highly appreciated gift. In short: everybody loves HEDVIG.

The apron
In the kitchen, garden or in the studio. Aprons can be used for more purposes than you might think.
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The tea towel
Often forgotten. Always used. Invest in the usable kitchen detail.
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Seeking harmony

All six colours in the capsule share the same sophisticated shade, creamy beige. Mixed up with a soft add on tone like dusty pink, ink blue and light cypress green the mild and appealing hues melts in perfectly in any surrounding. The fabric, made of 53% linen and 47% cotton, gives a sophisticated yet raw impression.