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Hemtrender interprets LINUM.

Via her Hemtrender platform, Jenny Martinsson has found lots of little places on her home island of Ingarö in the Stockholm archipelago to explore the theme of ‘bringing PEPPER with you’. Thanks to Jenny and Hemtrender, we get a burst of inspiration on the multiple uses of the PEPPER seat cushion during the most beautiful months of the year. In this post, Jenny shows us around her island while we get a great opportunity to interview her about how she uses our products and about her relationship with LINUM and styling.






Interview with Hemtrender.

What is your relationship with home decor and styling?

My relationship with home decor and styling is a tender love story, a recent love story I might add. Like many other interior design enthusiasts, I have childhood memories of refurnishing the children’s room, both at home and with my friends. It continued as a flirtation alongside my main job, mainly as a hobby that I kept alive through the Hemtrender blog, which I started in 2008. Almost two years ago, I took the step of freelancing full-time in marketing, the field in which I have always worked, as well as in interior design. I didn’t really know where it would end up but my passion to create grew stronger and today I call myself an interior stylist and I LOVE it.

What is your relationship with LINUM?

For me, LINUM is a solid brand with a real sense for products, colour choices and materials. The products not only look beautiful in the pictures, they are beautiful in reality. The materials, the feel, the tactile experience should never be underestimated when choosing interior design for the home.

PEPPER is our classic seat cushion with several great benefits. As part of your styling, you took PEPPER outside, how did it go?

This has been such a fun job! To be able to bring PEPPER out here to Ingarö for some styling and photos in nature has been a dream assignment. PEPPER is easy to carry. I have actually tested it with a beach bag, bicycle basket and backpack. It is also resistant to dirt, so it feels perfectly okay to sit on it on a rock and then brush (Boråsiska) it off just before your bike ride home. I can warmly recommend PEPPER!

You have a well-visited platform in home decor, what do you think is important to convey as a sender?

I like to work with those who have a genuine love for and basic idea of interior design. I go by my gut feeling and I turn down any collaborations that feel wrong. I like to see myself as a stylist who inspires a sustainable and conscious interior. And I like to use nature, both at home and in my assignments. My message is always to make the most of what’s out there. I love organic shapes and keeping it simple. Rather a dry twig than a pink flamingo flower if you ask me. I am drawn to natural colours and sometimes I have to take a styling assignment out into nature – like I have here. This is what luxury is to me.

Photo and styling Jenny Martinsson/Hemtrender.