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Henrik & Ruben Nero interprets LINUM.

Kicking off the new season with the Stockholm based entrepreneurs Henrik and Ruben Nero, showing off their beautiful flat. Decorating in grey and blue hues, our newly relaunched silk collection and light throw VERTIGO, makes perfect sense. Get to know the Nero’s a bit better and steal their top list of how to make home decoration a living.

You work as a stylist-and-photographer team – can you tell us a bit about the kind of clients who commission you?

Most of our clientele is in the property sector, and we also have private clients in that field. Estate agents call on us for photo shoots and we do property styling for private clients who are selling their homes. We do also get some commercial assignments, for instance we recently did one for Samsung, who asked us to style and photograph settings to showcase their new collection of TVs. And we write a regular blog for Residence Magazine.

Photo & Styling: Henrik Nero & Ruben Nero.

What’s it like to work in a field that calls for so much creativity and imagination? Some people think it’s great to have so much freedom, but there are others who feel a bit pressured.

The creative freedom we get is definitely fun, but we do usually have to work within a certain framework. It’s not often that we start with a totally “blank canvas”. We stick to our photo and interior design style, and have to work with the furniture available. There’s a reasonable degree of creative freedom – we’re not having to reinvent the wheel every time, so we come up with new angles using the tools we have. Although on some projects we’re given absolute carte blanche, and we can’t deny that those jobs often feel a bit more pressured.

Tell us about the thinking behind this shoot. What were you aiming to achieve?

We wanted to stick with the same palette as the colours that were already used in the room. In this instance the walls were blue so we decided to bring out those shades, both on the walls and in cushion covers, working tone-on-tone so they blended into the overall decor.

Photo & Styling: Henrik Nero & Ruben Nero.

What’s your impression of LINUM products?

We loved the texture in the silks (which really shows up nicely!) and the wide choice of shades. Although there are so many, the colours in the range still feel hand-picked and carefully curated. It didn’t feel overwhelming; when there are too many options, it can sometimes make it harder to choose.

This spring we’re launching an entire silk range because we’ve been seeing more demand for these fabrics. ‘Shiny’ seems to be coming back into fashion. What are your thoughts about that trend?

We think that, just as colours go in and out of fashion, the same thing happens with different materials – especially these days with social media, where it’s all about the visual side of things, so it has to look good in photos. That’s especially important with materials like silk, which in reality are really tactile, because you get a strong sense of that even in the photos. Also, matte materials and flat colours have been trending for a while now, so it feels like silk is a natural way to go next.

Do you have any really good photography or styling tips to share with us?

  1. Take the room you’re going to decorate or photograph as a starting point.
  2. Look at the colours and materials that are already there and use that as your baseline.
  3. Build on that as a common thread, bringing in fabrics and furniture that tie in with them.
  4. Then take pictures in natural light/daylight so the colours come out nicely and true to life.
  5. Remove anything that doesn’t fit in and doesn’t add anything to the aesthetic of the space and/or image, such as furniture that looks too busy or colours that don’t go with your original concept.