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How to look after your towels.

Beautifully soft and fluffy, or invigorating with an exfoliating effect? Do you want them to be nice and easy to pack in your beach bag, or voluminous and luxurious? Tastes vary when it comes to towels, including bath and beach towels, and often it’s the material and texture that play a crucial role. But common to them all is the importance of looking after your purchases properly.

High quality bathroom textiles are pricey, so we need to give them a little extra attention in order to prolong their lives and make them feel the way we want when we use them. So that your investment can give you the best possible return, we would like to share with you our experience regarding the summer’s best-loved home textiles.

1. New, unused towels are not very absorbent. So always wash your new textile purchases before using them for the first time.

2. Do not use fabric conditioner. We know it makes your towels smell fabulous, but the softening agent remains like a membrane around the cotton fibres and affects the towels’ absorbency in the long term. You are also doing the environment a favour if you skip the fabric conditioner.

3. Our terry towelling is soft and fluffy, and we recommend not tumble drying our towels, for the benefit of both the product and the environment. Instead hang the towels to dry on a washing line or in a drying cabinet.

4. Remember to separate your towels from other textiles when doing your laundry. Terry towelling has a somewhat coarser textile quality, so these items should be washed separately to avoid unnecessary wear on other textiles.

5. The washing instructions for our towels state that they should be washed at 40° C. This is to prolong the lives of the towels, but it is fine to wash them at 60° C – although 40° C is better for both the fabric and the environment.