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How to style your cushion covers.

Can you decorate with too many pillows? And when are there really too few? How can different measures contribute to a more dynamic impression and what happens if it becomes too uniform? In this entry we come with concrete tips and advice on how pillows can be placed depending on the size of the sofa.

The more pillows, the more inviting the sofa. However, there is a risk that it will become over decorated and that you yourself will eventually not fit. Just right is simply the best. Adjusting the amount of pillows based on the size of the sofa is therefore usually a good idea. We usually recommend having the larger pillows, such as PEPPER 60x60cm, at the end and then working their way inwards with smaller sizes, such as 50x50cm and 40x40cm.

If you like a little bolder colours, it may be a good idea to choose the same size of the pillows you use, this so as not to create an all too variegated impression. However, if you have more neutral colors, different dimensions can create a more inviting and vivid feeling. LINUM offers several different sizes, both as a cushion cover and inner cushion (feather or synthetic) and it is easy in our range to mix and match. We also have several qualities, ranging from duller linen and natural jute to shiny dupion silk. The sketch below is based on the most common sofa sizes where we have worked on different suggestions for placements. Finding the right styling for one self is probably both an aesthetic and practical question where you often get to try your way, but maybe some good ideas can be helpful along the way?