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Emelie Sundberg interprets LINUM; 1

In this season’s first interpretation we have invited Emelie Sundberg of the celebrated design podcasts. Every week, Emelie meets Swedish design enthusiasts to take a peek inside their private homes. In conversations that go beyond the façades, they explore their true taste and what lies behind their interest in interiors, trends and design.

In early autumn it’s common for people to either change their homes or experience a subtle, creeping need to redecorate. It might be a temporary solution that needs to be switched for something more permanent, a project that has been a back burner for a long time but is now happening, or quite simply a longing for something new that is finally being realized. After a few years’ absence from the trend scene, curtains are making their comeback, and we are truly happy to see the return of the drape. So we asked Emelie to get to grips with the styles in our assortment and interpret them in her own way.

Emelie Sundberg has decorated her bedroom with the INTERMEZZO linen curtain in Camel Brown (B78).


Curtains make any room feel more homely and inviting. But of course it isn’t just about the curtain per se – the colour, weave, fabric and how you hang them all have a role to play in the feel of a room.


Linen is a material that we are continuing to see this autumn and hopefully for many years to come, as it is a natural material that only gets more beautiful with time. You can easily say I have a little something for linen curtains, as I like the texture of the fabric and think that its tactile quality adds something to a room. Personally I love thin, sheer curtains all year round, but I’ll happily bring out something with a little more colour for autumn. If you want that lavish, luxurious hotel vibe, you can always opt for double curtains and a layered solution. A pair of darker, slightly more rustic curtains alongside a pair of light, sheer curtains allows you to change up the light quality in the room.

The INTERMEZZO and PAOLO curtains are colour co-ordinated, making them easy to combine in layered solutions.


I normally hang the curtains high, ideally from a rail from the ceiling, as this makes the room feel bigger and the ceiling higher, something that creates a lovely, spacious look. Another important thing to consider is the length of the curtain, place them too long rather than too short. They should just touch the floor or even trail a little, for a more casual, bohemian feel.


When I received the INTERMEZZO curtains from LINUM I fell for the Camel Brown colour (B78) in particular, which quickly went up in our bedroom. Conveniently enough our bedspread is exactly the same colour, so they complement one another perfectly. The colours are also picked out by a terracotta pot and (for now) the garden bouquet on the bedside table. INTERMEZZO is a beautiful 100% linen curtain that is 290 cm long and 140 cm wide and available in a range of fabulous colours. To see more of my INTERMEZZO styling, visit emeliesundberg.se/inredningspodden.

The Camel Brown curtain and the warm terracotta pot are the same shade, creating a beautiful harmony in Emelie’s bedroom.