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Krishnaswamy & Lindberg interprets LINUM.

This spring’s third interpretation lets us meet a new duo: stylist Camilla Krishnaswamy and photographer Sanna Lindberg. It’s a creative collaboration, where the playfulness between colour and form is clear, but it’s also a type of pictorial vision that Camilla had had on her mind for a long time and which has finally been given a chance to see the light of day. In this interview, she gives a more detailed account of her thoughts regarding the collaboration and of what keeps her artistically inspired.

In the interpretation, amongst other things, Camilla used the BIANCA collection for the table, the LUCCA stripes in the cushion cover, but also PIRLO 50×50 cm in silk. The ideas are, amongst other things, taken from an ancient “peep show”, where a motif often takes on strange shapes in its still life format the more you look at it.

What brought about the idea for the interpretation you implemented?

After a long period where the trend was to decorate exclusively with white, light beige and grey, I felt it was high time that colour should take the lead role. When it comes to interior decoration, it’s easy to go with white and light because it’ll always work well, regardless of the time and season. Colour, however, and especially when many colours are involved, requires a little bit more thought and is more of a challenge.
The idea of the frames in the picture was partly aesthetic, but also a way to get the eye to focus on what’s happening in the centre of each picture. Photographer Sanna Lindberg thought of Mark Rothko’s work when she saw that idea, which was gratifying, as art and artists are an obvious source of inspiration for me, and always have been.

Chairs: Gärsnäs.

How did you pick and choose between LINUM’s products?

It felt super cool to put the spotlight on products and colours which might not always be the most sought after, and to place them into playful, yet still slightly elegant, graphic compositions.

Was it difficult or easy to interpret LINUM?

Easy! Creative freedom is amazing! It’s a whole lot of fun to be given the space to make pictures that are born out of a different perspective than the a commercial one (even though you’re advertising, ha ha!). I work both as a set designer for fashion and advertising, and also as a stylist for interior design clients. I’ve always found the variation very inspiring.

What type of work do you usually do and what do you look for in the collaborations you do, from a purely creative perspective?

When I do my own collaborations and photography, commitment and creativity are an absolute must, I’d say – so I can think freely. If you had to ask me, I’d say you have to be a bit daring if you’d like to develop and thrive in what you do.
What I’m looking forward to now is editorial collaborations and creative photography with wonderful photographers. The Covid pandemic created an even greater desire for exactly that – fun, creative and close collaborations!

Stylist: Camilla Krishnaswamy (photo: Idha Lindhag). Photographer: Sanna Lindberg.

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Photographer Sanna Lindberg: website, Instagram, agency.