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Let spring bloom.

Winter is finally on its way out, and with the spring comes light. And greenery. In conjunction with our 20% off campaign on our full range of curtains, we wanted to get hold of some of that very greenery. So we reached out to in-demand floral designer Nika Wahren, to help us in our hunt for curtain and bouquet perfection.

We at LINUM hold three different curtains in our assortment: INTERMEZZO, a light linen curtain with a lovely transparency, WEST, a slightly more dense and robust fabric, and PAOLO, the classic velvet drape. In our own stylings we love to layer them one over the other, for example letting the linen and velvet alternate in the spotlight, depending on the season. In spring 2020 INTERMEZZO and PAOLO will also be getting a completely synchronised colour palette, so it will be possible to achieve a 100% match between the fabrics.

Nika Wahren works on events, advertising and fashion projects, weddings and workshops. She also styles for different magazines. Nika felt like an exciting partner for our curtain campaign, as we fell for how a subtle curtain shade can be picked out with a well-chosen bouquet. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing colour inspirations, step-by-step guides and smart tips on how fabric and greenery can be unified in beautiful ways. All images from Skillad Florals Design were taken by photographer Pernilla Ahlsén.


Welcome in spring!

See Nika’s Instagram here: @skilladflorals
Photographer Pernilla Ahlsén: @pernillaahlsen