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Liam Möller interprets LINUM

LINUM is pleased to introduce a content theme, exploring how industry professionals interpret our product assortment. We are inspired by others’ eye and feel for our textiles, and don’t believe that we always have to be the originator when it comes to the creative. Which is why we are inviting new faces to share their wealth of ideas.

This spring we at LINUM will be re-launching the meadow green colour in our beloved PAOLO programme. The colour is making a guest appearance, and will only be available in limited numbers. In honour of this colour’s brief reappearance, we have taken the chance to bring in stylist Liam Möller for an inspirational chat on interiors. Liam’s feel for colour and form are also behind the images in our article.

We’re so curious to know more about you – can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I come from a small town called Höganäs, which is on Sweden’s west coast in Skåne. I lived there until I was eighteen, but I have always dreamt of more, something bigger. So then I moved straight up to Gothenburg, to study at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås. I started a programme called textile economics, but pretty soon I started to feel that it wasn’t for me and that I was in the wrong industry. So I only completed one year of three, after which I chose to end my studies. Which was a good thing. Six months later I had a job styling interiors at one of Sweden’s biggest styling companies. I’ve worked there for a year, and have had the chance to work on a lot of different, challenging projects.

We like your style! How do you feel about interior design and fashion – do they tend to go hand in hand?

Thanks, it’s great that you like what I do! I definitely think my interiors style and my fashion sense go hand in hand. I tend to think along the lines of the classic quote: less is more. I love paring back interiors, and the same goes for fashion. Using fewer products that come together to create a whole, and are calming on the eyes. And the mind.

What is the most inspiring thing about your work as an interiors stylist?

Oh, difficult question – there are so many things that inspire me. But what most inspires me is having the license to completely transform a home. To turn a place to live into a fresh, stylish, tranquil home. In that, the little things can often be the most inspiring. For example, I can be inspired by the colour of a wall, the look of some windows, the way the light falls, etc.

What things should people consider when adding more colour to a bedroom?

Make sure NOT to combine too many colours: stick to whatever accent colours you have chosen – don’t start mixing things up too much. Take a colourful bedspread and then pick up those colours in some other detail, such as a picture, a cushion or a great vase.

Do you have any favourite cities that you think stand out, design-wise?

I have visited quite a lot of cities around the world, and the ones I know that stand out most are of course Milan in Italy, Helsingør in Denmark and Budapest with its architecture. The three of them go pretty much hand in hand with the style I personally like. A mix of old and new, slightly retro, but not so much that it takes over. Old stucco, a bust alongside some abstract art and a piece of design furniture.

Name three trends for spring 2020.

It’s pretty clear that the ’80s trend is dominant, so that will continue in terms of fashion and interiors, but also music. We are also seeing more colour this spring, but still with a neutral base. Finally, I think carefully selected materials and sustainability are a continuing trend that will influence all of 2020.

What materials do you think we will be seeing more of?

I think we will be seeing more dark woods, more natural materials and many ’70s and ’80s elements, like rattan. But also synthetic fibres like plastics, such as Plexiglas.

What are your three favourite products from our PAOLO collection?

Obviously I love the meadow green bedspread – it exudes an attitude and a sense of: “I know what I’m doing and yes, I’m sure.” Otherwise I like the creamy beige cushions along with the camel brown curtain.


Liam is 21 and is based in Gothenburg. See his Instagram here: @liammoller