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LINUM receives award from PLAZA Interiör.

LINUM is delighted to receive the magazine PLAZA Interiör's honorary 2021 award for the textile category. "We are as honoured as we are surprised, but of course also delighted to have been noticed by PLAZA Interiör," says LINUM’S COO, Charlotta Dahlqvist. LINUM works exclusively with natural materials with the aim of encouraging a thoughtful approach to consumption. The company operates according to its motto ""useful through generations"", creating products that are genuinely useful and which age with elegance and dignity. In this post, and in light of the award we are so delighted to have received, we present three specific changes that will affect the climate footprint positively in the long-term. "

1. A niche range with few, but timeless products.

LINUM has scaled down the number of products in recent years, going from around 5,000 items to around a hundred. LINUM currently follows a See Now, Buy Now format, which is not dependent on seasons. This means that LINUM no longer manufactures seasonal collections, as these are not considered sustainable over time. Instead, LINUM wants to offer a timeless and accessible range, which is more standardised and less dependent on constant new releases.

LINUM works according to the motto “useful through generations”.

2. Everything that is manufactured must also be sold.

LINUM strives for everything that is manufactured to be sold as well. This means that our product range should be as compact as possible. Instead of making products that LINUM thinks the consumer wants, the design department will focus on making a range that they know the customer wants. With the amount of data available currently, there is less need for guesswork. It is much easier to assess demand and then act accordingly. The goal is for all products that are manufactured to be in circulation and with nothing left over, forgotten and finally destroyed.

3. No one can be the best at everything, but everyone can be the best at something.

A narrower range increases the chances of honing in on the products in which a company decides to invest. The wider the range, the more complex the production process. When a product range becomes more concentrated, control and transparency increase. LINUM has therefore decided to stop making hard goods such as marble, wood and brass, as well as larger and more demanding product categories as carpets, bed linen and towels. The focus will be on cushion covers, bedspreads, seat cushions and simple, useful products for the table. A product range that LINUM has been providing since 1966.

With a more niche product range, LINUM gains better transparency and control.

LINUM has invited well-known journalist and sustainability ambassador, Maria Soxbo, to write thoughtful texts on the topic over the course of the year. By approaching interior design, trends and shopping with a more long-term and broader perspective, LINUM hopes to tackle the question of sustainable consumption from a wider and deeper angle.