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LINUM’s inner cushions.

Did you know that you, as a customer, are the one to decide what type of inner cushion your new cushion cover should have? With us you can choose between feathers and synthetic, or nothing whatsoever? Similar to our high quality, our flexibility is a something we’ve chosen to keep on all the models we’ve included in our range.

Cushion covers are our biggest product group here at LINUM. We offer a wide variety, all made from natural fibres like linen, cotton and silk. Designs include both plain and patterned, each model a unique expression of our signature style.

LINUM's inner cushion with featherfilling 50x90 cm. Color cotton beige. LINUM's PAOLO cushion cover in Blue velevet, dimensions 50x90 cm.

Feather inner cushion with dimensions of 50×90 cm for PAOLO cushion cover.

We stock inner cushions to fit every size of cushion cover we sell. This means that you will almost always find a good match for your choice of cover. We offer both feather and synthetic fillings, including down cushions that meet the Responsible Down Standard and which have earned Standard 100 certification.

If a textile article bears the Standard 100 label, you can be certain that every component of it has been tested for harmful substances so it’s guaranteed to be totally safe to your health. The test is performed by independent OEKO-TEX® partner institutes on the basis of an extensive catalogue of criteria established by OEKO-TEX®.

LINUM's inner cushion with featherfilling 35x50 cm. Color cotton beige. LINUM's AMALFI cushion cover in creamy beige bold blue stripes. Linnen and cotton blend. Dimensions 35x50 cm.

Feather inner cushion with dimensions of 35×50 cm for AMALFI cushion cover.

Inner cushions with synthetic filling and feather filling.

A cushion cover containing synthetic fibre will give more shape and definition to your cushion, with a lightweight feel that’s perhaps not quite as tactile as down. So if your cushion is mostly for decoration and you want it to hold its shape, a synthetic cushion pad is a good option.

Down is more mouldable and can often be a more comfortable choice. This makes a down filling for the cushion cover suitable for cushions that are going to see a lot of use, for instance to provide support for your neck or back. If you’re allergic or have a sensitivity to down, you should choose a synthetic filling. A feather cushion generally has a longer lifespan and holds its shape better over time.

LINUM's inner cushion with featherfilling 50x50 cm. Color cotton beige. LINUM's inner cushion with synthetic filling 50x50 cm. Color white.

Feather inner cushion to the left and synthetic inner cushion to the right.

Bear in mind that down cushions can shed individual feathers. A down cushion can also seem more unstructured than a synthetic one, as the down clumps together in its casing. We recommend that feather cushions be plumped often. Fold the filling pad in half when you slide it into the cushion cover, and only open it out again once it’s well inside. This will prevent putting any strain on the cushion cover’s zip.

Cushion cover CALCIO and AMALFI with inner cushions with feather, a classic LINUM combination.