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The work behind

With a solid amount of working hours spent, problem solving and above all, teamwork, we can finally launch our new webshop. In this interview, e-commerce manager Caroline Roeck Hansen, tells us more about this journey and our never ending mission, creating an updated and modern shopping experience with our customer in mind.

The new webshop has now been launched, and you can breathe a sigh of relief! What are you most pleased with?

I think we’ve managed to create consistently inspiring content throughout the entire site. LINUM has always had strong images, but unfortunately these only appeared on the start page, in the Editorial section, or were concealed behind product images. Now we’ve created more space and made sure they’ve been given the prominence they truly deserve. As a result, visitors and customers can now get a quick overview of the LINUM brand, no matter what pages they access.

I’m also really pleased that we’ve improved our platform/e-commerce for all the customers who browse the site on their mobile devices. Like many other online business we’ve seen that more and more consumers are visiting from their phones. We haven’t been pleased with our responsiveness for some time now, but this autumn’s upgrades have gone quite some way to remedying that. Now we’re curious about how our customers will move around the webshop, and we’ll be continuing to optimise accordingly. Our work is never done, and new things are bound to be added.

What have been the most difficult aspects to put in place? 

Purely structural issues – things that happen behind the scenes, so to speak. You sometimes have to just make a decision and then be brave and stick with it. There’s an incredible number of things to keep track of in a process of this kind – some of them major, some of them less so. Sometimes we might end up feeling a bit frustrated, but luckily we’ve managed to intercept most of the issues along the way thanks to our talented colleagues, both external and in-house.

What do you think is the biggest difference compared with the previous version?

I hope and believe our visitors will now see and understand the LINUM brand and our carefully devised products more clearly. We want our customers to shop at our e-site, of course, but we also want them to be pleased when they receive their bedspreads, curtains, throws or cushions. I think this new webshop will give our visitors a clearer insight into what they’re actually choosing to buy.

LINUM has a broad range of products to offer. Is navigation easier now?

Navigation is always a complex area, especially when you have so many products and variations. I think we’ve made some good progress here, with our improved filter function. This makes it easier for our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s also easier now to navigate between product categories and see which standardised collections we offer. We are also better now at providing both information and inspiration as we’ve beefed up our category pages and landing pages.

Will we be seeing more improvements to before long? FOR EXAMPLE, payment solutions?

Most definitely, yes. Webshops need to be constantly developing nowadays, with analysis, optimisation and development. Our priority is to implement some more up to date payment solutions on our main markets later this autumn. We want our customers to feel secure with their purchases, and being able to pay in a way that people are most comfortable with and used to is an important part of that. We’re also aware that our search function needs further improvement, and that’s something I’m looking forward to developing even more in the near future.

What’s your favourite LINUM product, and why do you like it so much?

I’d really like to push for all our handmade products – they’re made by some very talented craftsmen and a lot of talent and experience goes into them. I love the hand-quilted bedspread QUILT so much that I’ve got three of them at home. The TRIVESO rug is wonderful, with a beautiful mélange weave that looks absolutely great in my living room.

Caroline Roeck Hansen has worked for LINUM since 2016 and as the E-commerce Manager of LINUM she is involved in the brand’s e-commerce development. She is educated at Hyper Island in Stockholm.