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Michaela Grut interprets LINUM.

Michaela Grut is the artist who loves home decor and interior. With her well-honed feel for colour and shade, she is an appreciated stylist and influencer. For autumn’s big bedspread campaign, we asked Michaela to give her own interpretation of two of our most beloved products, PAOLO in velvet and WEST in linen.

When I am about to decorate or style a room, I spontaneously start thinking about lots of different things,” says Michaela. “What feel do I want? Cosy or more pared-back? Light or more moody? Colourful or neutral? Modern or vintage? Eventually I will come down to what gives me the biggest response, and what feels the best. Once I’ve decided, I’ll start gathering paint and wallpaper samples, and different materials and details to put together a mood board. That’s where I bring together the choices I have made, and try to get a sense of how my ideas feel and look.

Example of a palette collection for interiors.

One of the most important things to consider is which colours to pick out and co-ordinate in a room. Michaela describes herself as a strong advocate of colour, and decorates with both very subtle, mild shades and (occasionally) brighter hues. In these two style interpretations, she wanted to show two completely different ways of using colour, and two completely different styles.

Pale pink meets natural beige and black.

This styling’s colour palette consists of muted pink, black, natural beige, white and a hint of soft green. The pale pink walls are a fantastic background to work with,” says Michaela. “I kept the styling fairly simple, to let every piece speak for itself. I worked with different textures – the beautiful linen bedspread with its fantastic drape and tactility, alongside a soft and supple throw and a shiny cushion in Dupion silk. On the floor, an old wooden stool adds warmth, and on the wall there is a group of three pieces – an old oil painting that picks up the colour of the throw, a mirror and a framed charcoal sketch on natural-coloured paper. A brass vintage lamp hangs from the ceiling.

Michaela tests out different options until the colours fit perfectly.
Decorate with more muted shades.

The detail shots make it clear how Michaela has worked with her colour selection, testing ideas on a sheet of natural paper to achieve a beautiful colour palette that feels harmonious. She picks up these choices in her textiles, paints and details (how beautiful is the mix of blue and green, with a smidgen of lavender?) This became the colour palette for a slightly smaller space. Many people feel you should keep colours light for smaller spaces, but Michaela prefers to work WITH, not against a room’s qualities. Is the room a little small and dark? Turn that into a plus and go for a cosy feel instead! All of the walls are wallpapered in blue, and Michaela lets the deep emerald-green bedspread meet the more muted blue wall papers. An incredibly beautiful colour combination that comes up a lot in her interiors. To balance the colours and the slightly more glamorous feel – and to bring in some warmth – Michaela has added more neutral colours and pieces, such as a chair in a warm dark wood, glass, ceramics and green plants. She has also gone for a low bed, so that the bedspread can flow onto the white-stained wooden floor.

Artist and interior stylist Michaela Grut.

Michaela’s short list for a personal styling!

  1. Mix different textures and materials to create a good balance and nice sense of harmony.
  2. Group together small pieces that you love. Then you can fit in more things without it feeling messy or straggly. Instead they become beautiful, interesting eye-catchers.
  3. Create contrasts, even if you’ve chosen a neutral, serene palette. In the styling above, the dark grey shade of the throw and the dark wooden stool help to create a contrast against the light and enhance it. This gives the room depth.
  4. Decorate with personal objects and pieces – put what you love on show! Perhaps you have a particular passion, or collect something? Do you love clothes, old cameras, beautiful stones or even books? Decorate with them! Or why not carry over aspects of your creative side into your design process? Collect all of the sticks you have mixed paints with, or old brushes or fabric samples, and put them together in a vase or hang them on a wall. Incredibly beautiful, while also bringing your personality into your interiors.

See more of @michaelagrut on her Instagram.