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New Years at LINUM.

This year, we set our table in the whitest white to celebrate Christmas, but for the year’s final festivity, we’re switching to a sophisticated blue. The Swedish styling duo, Emma Johansson and Emelie Sundberg, are the artists behind our Christmas and New Year’s table settings, both with layered designs to create an inviting look.

The base of both table settings is the tactile cotton tablecloth BIANCA and for New Year’s, we’re opting for our ink blue color with matching napkins. The tablecloth’s length is 250 cm, making it perfect for 4 to 6-seat tables. If you need a longer tablecloth, just add a second to your table, leaving space a few centimeters wide between the two tablecloths. A clever trick for those who’d rather not have a space between their tablecloths is to place a runner widthwise over the table, instead of lengthwise, in which case the runner acts as a placemat.

BIANCA is very easy to wash, making it a great choice for family dinners where children are also at the table. BIANCA is also perfect for longer festivities, like multiple-course New Year’s dinners, where your tablecloth needs to withstand both spills and wrinkles. At LINUM, we love to layer tablecloths and placemats, which is so easy to do with the classic ribbed texture of our UNI placemat. UNI is also color-matched with our ROBERT napkins, giving you a variety of color combination options.

We’ve chosen to combine BIANCA with the cotton velvet of PAOLO, which gives a beautiful sheen to BIANCA’s more matte surface. That same effect can also be achieved with our SILK and SETA cushion covers, but we highly recommend playing with tones to create a more sophisticated look. All the textiles in our styling have either the same or similar color codes, to make the table setting as expressive as possible. In this table setting, Ink Blue (C54) is our color of choice.


BIANCA is one of our most affordable collections and is also available on Amazon Germany, France, and Sweden. Amazon offers fast deliver anywhere in Europe and is an easy shopping solution for anyone who wants to get their products within a few days. Amazon also has many of our other cotton lines, including PEPPER and ANNABELL (launching in 2022 on linumdesign.com), which gives you even more of a reason to shop online. After a year of restrictions and a pandemic, we’ve never been more excited to wish everyone health, love, and a happy new year.