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One color, one code.

Did you know that LINUM has its own color code system? An advanced matrix of codes that ensures that our nuances tally over time.

Have you bought PEPPER pillow case in Meadow Green? Or maybe in Ice Green? Both shades have a special code, meadow green A22 and ice green A13. All color codes beginning with A indicate a green hue, the letter B also has a unique color set attached to it, as well as C, D, and so on. In this way, we keep track of the color palette and can reuse selected shades year after year.

The system ensures that we always dot exactly the right shade in our manufacturers, but also that our products look the same year after year. Since we work according to the devis “useful through generations”, it feels important that, for example, the popular shade bronze brown is just the bronze brown, today and tomorrow regardless of when we manufacture it. This means that you as a customer can shop for a seat cushion in your favorite shade, love it, use it and possibly rip it out and then buy a new one in exactly the same color. Of course, the color codes also follow between different products, for example, our linen curtains INTERMEZZO match our velvet curtains PAOLO in their color code, which means that you can easily match them in stylish layer-on-layer solutions. The same applies, for example, to the napkin ROBERT and the placemat UNI.

When you click on a product with us, the color is always printed on the product card. The shade is also indicated on your order confirmation, which you receive by e-mail. Get into the habit of saving it in an electronic folder in your inbox, so you can always easily go back and see what shade it is you have bought. Should you accidentally stain or rip out a product, you can always look it up again and pinpoint the one you want. Sometimes we vary in our color spectrum depending on the trend, for example, a shade may be more clear or more soft, but as a rule, the same set returns from time to time.