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PAOLO in a new light.

Stockholm-based Frida Ström is 35 years old, and she has worked as an advertising photographer since 2005. Frida is the photographer behind the dramatic framing and beautiful lighting of this autumn’s rich artwork. She shares a photography studio in Alvik with a colleague, but is often out in the field, both in Sweden and internationally.

Frida is curious and positive, taking on diverse projects with a good deal of flexibility. Her solutions-oriented approach is, as she puts it, a major asset in her work, and when she says that certain jobs can be very demanding, we take her at her word. Ahead of this season’s campaign for the PAOLO velvet range, we took the chance to get to know Frida a little better.

Where does your interest in photography and images come from?

From an early age I was fascinated by seeing the world through a camera lens – something about the ability to save and frame situations and people, in a clearer, more pared-back format. There is so much going on around us all the time, and I guess as a child it was a way for me to enter another, calmer world. I also realised I could communicate through images, convey things. I could stand to one side and choose what I wanted to take in, or what I read from a situation, mood or person. I truly fell in love with that means of expression.

What, in your view, is a good shot?

There are many answers to that question. What is the purpose of the picture?

What are the things to think about when shooting interiors, especially fabrics?

Composition, balance and light. Beyond these, I normally ask myself a lot of questions. What sort of shapes or materials need to pop? How does this particular material respond to light? What do we want to show, and, above all: what feeling do we want the shot to have?

Do you have any tips for photographing people?

Prepare yourself thoroughly so that you can focus less on technique and more on the person you are going to shoot. Before picking up the camera, take some time to make contact with the person you are going to shoot. Think about what the purpose of the image is; what sort of shot do you want to get and, accordingly, what atmosphere do you need in the space? Think of it as a collaboration, to release any tensions.

What have you found inspiring about working with LINUM as a brand, and our product selection specifically?

It’s so great to have a lot of creative freedom in this project. My task was to show off cushions, curtains and bedspreads in a new way – not classical interiors shots.
I teamed up with stylist and creator Linda Jägerström, and together we improvised a concept that would show off the PAOLO series in a more untraditional way. We wanted to find a look that worked well with the weight and quality of the fabrics in the series. In the end we came up with some clean, graphic shots that alternate between movement and calm.

Which of the six PAOLO colours is your favourite?

At home I like calm, warm colours, so I’d probably say Dusty pink. Dark charcoal grey is also a favourite, and it pairs well with almost anything.

Frida Ström is a Swedish photographer based in Stockholm since 2005. She specializes in lifestyle, interior and food photography with a huge love for natural daylight. 2016 she published her first book Färgstarkt! together with Camilla Lundsten.