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PAOLO: only at LINUM.

The PAOLO velvet collection is one of LINUM’s most sought after, sold and cherished ranges. Made of 100% cotton and coming in a subtle range of colours, PAOLO stands the test of time, both in terms of quality and trend. During 2022, LINUM will be bringing PAOLO home and will only be offering the collection in-house (our webstore and Flagship Stores). In this article, we tell you more about our velvet, our ongoing work with the fabric and our decisions behind this.

The PAOLO velvet bedspread has been produced in a range of exciting colours over the years. Perhaps you own one in ice green, lavender or deep purple? The collection has been streamlined for a good few years now, and matching cushion covers are now available to our customers for every bedspread. Curtains are also available in five useful shades. In 2021, the PICCOLO was added: a lighter, quilted bedspread for a single bed which, like PAOLO, will be launched in new popular shades this autumn.


In 2022, the collection was further developed so that all colours can generally be mixed and matched with each other. It needs to be easy to make a selection from the range, and easy to combine things. PAOLO has been designed to work both on a sofa and a bed, where your curtains with a rustic backing could both provide firmness and control how much light gets let through. This autumn, the cushion cover will be relaunched in the size 40×60 cm with an elegant braided edge, while the classic square 50×50 cm remains in the range as before, as does the 50×90 cm that’s adapted for the headpiece. Just as before, we’ve chosen to keep the back piece in linen and in the popular 50×90 size. In 2022 we’re also bringing you two other big, long-awaited new items: PAOLO and PICCOLO bedspreads in black and silver-grey. All the cushion covers will also be released in a matching shade.

PAOLO cushion covers are available in three practical sizes, with the popular 40×60 cm being relaunched in autumn 2022.


In 2021, work began on changing PAOLO’s original cotton quality to that of an organic one. LINUM aims to develop and make products under the motto “usable for generations”, and switching to organic cotton is an important step in the process. With each bedspread being carefully sewn by hand, the switchover is a process that will take place over time. The upgrade will also result in a price increase. Says Charlotta Dahlqvist, COO LINUM:

“We place a lot of emphasis on quality, colour, stitching and finishings, to ensure that the collection maintains a consistent and high standard. With bedspreads and cushion covers lying on the bed in close proximity to their users, we take great care with their materials and colouring. At LINUM, we’d like to make organic our first choice, even if it generates a higher price per product. We have extremely environmentally aware customers who prioritise the long term and who generally share the opinion that organic should have a good feel and effect in several ways.”

The PAOLO bedspread for double beds measures 270×260 cm.


The PAOLO range was previously also available at selected retailers, but in spring 2022, LINUM made a decision to only offer the collection in-house. With PAOLO being a premium product that’s supposed to last over time, each designed item needs to meet our customers’ expectations, both in terms of price and quality. A PAOLO customer should also be able to trust that it is a genuine product. In recent years, cheaper copies have been circulating on the market, with several synthetic models doing the rounds. By buying PAOLO directly from the brand, so from LINUM, each customer is guaranteed a safer experience and a relationship directly connected to the people behind the product. Says Charlotta Dahlqvist, COO LINUM:

“We’d like to strengthen our relationship with every PAOLO customer. We’re curious about how the products look in our customers’ homes, how they use them and what they think about them. We’d very much like to see how what we make gets used (preferably over a long time). With the great care and extensive craftsmanship that goes into each PAOLO product, we know that each product will be unique, as will be each buyer’s story of how they ended up using it.”

Styling: Linnéa Salmén
Photography: Ragnar Ómarsson