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PEPPER – a long lasting favourite.

PEPPER’s high-quality fabric and wide range of colourways make it one of our most sought-after products. PEPPER is available as a seat cushion and cushion cover in three different sizes, 40x40 cm, 50x50 cm and 60x60 cm. Its tactile cotton fabric is ideal for the home’s many different spaces, from sofa to studio.

The seat cushion’s strong and soft fabric cover is made of 100% cotton. The inner cushion keeps the filling in place, meaning PEPPER can be washed at 40°C without losing its shape. In other words, this is a seat cushion that is built to last, whether used indoors or outdoors.
PEPPER is made in the south of India, at a new factory within the same group that LINUM has worked with since it was founded in 1966. Production is ISO 1400-1-certified and uses only Oeko Tex-approved dyes. 94% of all water is re-used in the dyeing process, while the remaining 6% evaporates.


Every colour has its own story, and we put a lot of work into finding the right pigment combination for every cushion. LINUM has its own – completely unique – colour coding system, where the chosen shades return year after year. This means that even if a long time passes between purchases, the right tone is still ensured every time. When the yarns have been dyed and woven into fabric, it is sent to the production team, who measure, cut and sew the cover.

The inner cushion is filled with polyfill and sewn up. Experts check that the cushion is free of defects, after which it is inserted into the fabric cover and the fastenings are sewn in place. Every cushion goes through a final check before being shipped by boat to our warehouse in the Port of Gothenburg. Threads are clipped and seams are checked, so that every specimen is perfect when it is delivered to you.

Photography: Jonas Ingerstedt, 2016.