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About our B2B section.

LINUM works with both physical and digital retailers. Our ambition for a long time has been to make a name for ourselves among distinctive home and interior stores with a well-developed eye for design.

At present, we also welcome less established e-commerce companies that operate more along the lines of contractors, with holistic solutions for cross-border partnerships. Faced with the extensive paradigms shift that’s taking place in the retail business, we’re keen to develop our partnerships in a number of different directions and are therefore open to discussion on issues of this nature. The best way to get in touch with us is by email, you are welcome to use the adress keyaccount@linumdesign.com.

LINUM has also been running a modern B2B platform for retail customers for the past few months, with a view to providing 24-hour service, 365 days a year. You can use a personal login at our digital retail shop to place orders whenever you like. Please send an email to keyaccount@linumdesign.com to get in touch with LINUM and for a unique username and password.

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