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Discover our bedspreads here! Transform your bedroom with quilted velvet and luxurious silk, washed linen or cool cotton. In this section you find our wide range of bedspreads for both single and double beds, in a selection of different fabrics and colours.

LINUM’s ambition since 1966 has been to create and manufacture textiles for every room in your home. We make usable, urban, completely unique products with the same consideration for the environment as the human needs.

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Bed & Bath

At LINUM, we’ve created an appealing and accessible range of textiles for bedrooms and bathrooms over the years. We take care to choose products that we think everyone in the family can use, no matter season.


Fulfill your dreams of the perfect bedroom.

The bedroom used to just be a place where we went to get a good night’s sleep. But now we know better. The bedroom is at the heart of our day-to-day lives. Nowhere else is there space for so much love among soft down and comfortable bedroom textiles. When we are in bed, we spend lazy mornings dosing or enjoy, late nights cuddled up with a good book or a great movie. We sleep with the family, as couples, or on our own, and inevitably we spend most of our time in this often underappreciated room.

Here at LINUM, we want to inspire well-planned, carefully thought out interiors where light and shadows are key, with the right choice of curtains. In fact, we would also venture to suggest that our linen and cotton velvet bedroom textiles are world-leading, with quality products manufactured in India and the Baltic States. PAOLO and WEST are our strong collections for the bedroom, but we can also provide bedspreads made of luxurious habutai silk, or more everyday varieties made from quilted, inexpensive ZAZA.