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<h1 class="title h2 js-dynamic-title">Curtains</h1>

Adjust the amount of light you let in and add that personal touch to your home all year round. Our selection of curtains in a wide range of different fabrics and colours can be found here.

LINUM’s ambition since 1966 has been to create and manufacture textiles for every room in your home. We make usable, urban, completely unique products with the same consideration for the environment as the human needs.

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At LINUM, we think eventful rooms are fantastic. Our living room department is home to a wide range of home textiles in rich colours, different qualities and sophisticated patterns.


Add your personal touch with curtains of your choice.

Regardless of whether you want to let light in or keep it out, curtains are both practical and beautiful to look at. They also provide soundproofing and make otherwise bare spaces more inviting. LINUM is able to offer a number of different colours and variants, from thicker, more rustic selections made of high quality cotton velvet to delicate, lightweight curtains made of transparent linen. Our craftsmanship is also second to none, and we would be happy to assist with care instructions, styling and advice.

We can recommend layer on layer solutions in particular, which involves hanging lighter and slightly heavier curtains together – an effective choice, to say the least. You can go for a smart drape, combining velvet and linen, for example, in order to fulfil a practical function – preventing people looking in, for example, or providing protection against strong sunlight.