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Our tactile silk.

When matte meets glossy, they both often come to realise their full potential. That is why our furnishings feature both bourette and Dupion silk.
Our assortment.

Using the right inner cushion?

LINUM offers a wide range of cushion covers and to match the varying sizes we can also supply with high quality inner cushions in the right dimensions. We have feather or synthetic to choose from, and we’ll send everything in one single parcel if you order inner cushions and cushion covers at the same time. Everything to make your purchase easier.

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Buy here.

The best silk you can get.

LINUM has developed and sold silk for decades in cooperation with our suppliers. In the beginning, each country even had its own collection and several names would apply to one and the same product. Today, the assortment has been relaunched under the names of SILK for Dupion silk and SETA for bourette.

SILK features a timeless glossy surface, while SETA has a more matte finish with a soft lustre. The collection contains two standard sizes, 40 x 40 cm and 50 x 50 cm. The pillow cases have a hidden zip and the inner cushion must be folded in half when inserting it into the case in order to minimise pressure on the seams. The range of colours is wide with several recurring popular colours, including bronze brown, Chinese red, and fuchsia. The assortment can easily be matched with LINUM’s other range of products and is particularly flattering in combination with the PAOLO velvet collection.

So along with our popular cotton velvet and high-quality linen, we also create products made from silk. For instance, did you know that the most common type of fabric comes from Asia? We call it mulberry silk and it is spun by thousands of silkworms fed on mulberry leaves. With its thread, the larva spins a cocoon that can reach up to 4 kilometres in length. Impressive, to say the least. The cocoons are sorted, rolled up, and then the threads are spun into the desired silk. In relation to its weight, silk fibre is very strong. As LINUM only works with natural fabrics and no synthetics, silk is a beautiful alternative to cheaper polyester.

SILK and SETA can be purchased in our online shop, our flagship store and at select retailers.