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Spring news on LINUM!

Did you know that we at LINUM have reduced our product range considerably? For example, we no longer make rugs, towels or brasses. The reason for this is simply that you can't be the best at everything, but you can be the best at something. We see small scale as an advantage when conscious production and consumption are at the top of the priority list.

Today, LINUM is a company that only releases a few news items per year. We no longer do such a large number of producing. What we produce, we really want you, our loyal customers, to like and use through generations. Hence, it feels like a relatively modest gesture, to be able to present what is actually new for spring.


SHEPARD in 100% cotton is a very popular cushion cover in a discreet herringbone pattern that has been in our catalogue for a long time. This year we are releasing various new colors, including the beautiful green shades below. We’ve also added a sharper yellow and a long-awaited black. SHEPARD is also available in beautiful neutrals, such as beige, white and brown.


SHEPARD in 50×50 cm is available both here online and in our Flagship Store at Karlavägen 64 in Stockholm. Both online and in store, we combine SHEPARD with other cotton favorites in our range such as PEPPER and ANNABELL. To create interest and impression, we like to mix PAOLO into the 100% cotton velvet. Likewise, we can also warmly recommend our duvets, which will be available in our outlet in 2022. Nowadays, you can find really good bargains there, as the discounts are always generous.


This year, we like to highlight shades of green that remind us of crops and vegetation. We yearn for the vital after years of confinement and pandemic, where gardens, houseplants and cut flowers are welcome to match the decor. It feels great to welcome life after months of illness and adaptation. That’s why we’ve been particularly keen on perhaps the most important color of spring, the beautiful green.