For nearly 50 years, at Linum, we have designed, developed, and manufactured timeless home textiles for every type of home.

Always with form and function at the heart of what we do, never compromising on quality. Our tablecloths, napkins, aprons, towels, and bedspreads are made for everyday use and regular washing. That’s why we pride ourselves on using the best yarns, pigments, and needlecraft.

The same goes for our designers. Down to every last pattern, print, and hem, our award-winning products have been carefully crafted in collaboration with some of Sweden’s finest textile designers. Linum is, and always will be, a place that brings exceptional creative minds together.


The result? Sophisticated and stylish products in tasteful colours, inspired by the richly nuanced palette of Swedish nature. And we take the same approach to patterns and texture. Simplicity paired with a love of functionality.

We are also committed to nature in a larger sense. Since the very beginning, Linum has continually endeavoured to reduce our impact on people and the environment. This commitment is just as important to us as technology innovation, craftsmanship, and new trends.

Throughout our range of products, there has always been a consistency to our colour scheme, across all fabrics. So despite using a colourful palette, we take care that any new Linum product will always match your collection at home. Our carefully thought-out colour base makes it easy for you to rearrange and switch out your interior-design details, whilst maintaining your own personal style. Every spring and autumn, we present a new, exciting collection to complement our existing basic range.

Whether it’s classic favourites or more modern products inspired by current trends, we always strive to uphold and nurture a Swedish design tradition that has been at the heart of our company since 1966. Because to us, familiarity is just as valuable as the element of surprise.

Here at Linum, linen has a special place in our hearts. Through the years, lesser materials have threatened to edge it out, but thanks to its unsurpassed quality and beauty, this unbeatable natural fabric keeps coming out on top. Because linen gives you a special feeling that can’t quite be explained. It must experienced.