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Sundberg & Johansson interprets LINUM.

Emelie Sundberg and Emma Johansson are the duo who’ve done several appreciated and popular works for LINUM. They’ve been the creative force behind our Christmas and New Year images since 2020 and were also instrumental with our huge 55th anniversary party last year. This time, they’re freely interpreting our popular seat cushion PEPPER and chose to take it on a weekend trip to picturesque Gotland.

The PEPPER seat cushion is versatile. That’s something we’ve always claimed. It can be placed in the garden, in the studio, in the boat or wherever you’d like. Emelie Sundberg and Emma Johansson put together an incomparable picnic and took a day off at the beach.

Tell us about your interpretation. How did it all come together?

When we were asked to interpret LINUM’s seat cushion PEPPER, we knew immediately how it was going to look. It consisted of warm, white sand between the toes, and the ocean with an open horizon and blue skies. Rattan, a picnic basket full of goodies, thin summer dresses and a straw hat to fend off the strong sun. During the period from March to October, we want to get out and we also want to have a nice, luxurious and comfortable time. We love the idea of packing a part of the home with us and decorating an outdoor environment, whether it’s for a few hours in the garden, the park or a full day at the beach.

How did you get the idea to travel to Gotland?

Seeing as Emelie’s from Gotland and knows the Gotland beaches inside out, the choice of location came quite naturally. We just had to go to everyone’s favourite, Gotland.

Was it difficult or easy to interpret LINUM?

We’ve been working with LINUM for a few years now and know their products quite well. There’s always top quality and a timeless expression that radiates from both the trends and generations. The great thing about LINUM, and, above all, their series of “interpretations”, is that we as creators are given full freedom to realise our own ideas and with that you always end up with nice and gorgeous results!

What tips do you have for those who’d like to arrange a wonderful beach picnic this summer?

  1. Take off the whole day!
  2. Choose a place where you can spend loads of hours and that has both a bit of sun and shade.
  3. Go all out! It’s worth it once you get the throws, seat cushions and pillows out.
  4. Take plenty of drinks and snacks along, so you can stay a long time.

You’ve done a number of jobs for LINUM now and know the range well. What do you think makes our brand stand out?

The quality of LINUM’s products is always super high, and, combined with their timeless expression, the brand stands its ground over time.

If you had to trend gaze for a bit, what do you think will happen on the interior design front moving forward?

We’re going to decorate more and more with textiles and adorning our homes and making it snug and cosy with curtains of all shapes and patterns. The big fashion companies will be leading the way when it comes to circular economy and extending the lifespan of products. We can already see that happening and believe it’ll make even further inroads into interior design as well. The big companies won’t only sell new, but open up for second-hand trading in their own channels. That’s a trend we warmly welcome!