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Take the Silk Route

One of LINUM’s strengths, when compared to many other options on the market, is its hand-picked range of natural materials. While many suppliers fall back on synthetic fabrics such as polyester, we at LINUM choose to go another route. The silk route.

Alongside our popular cotton velvet and high-quality linen, we also make a handful of products in silk. For example, did you know that the most common type of silk comes from Asia? It is called mulberry silk, and it is made by thousands of silkworms that are fed – you guessed it – mulberry leaves. The silkworms spin cocoons with their thread, which can reach up to four kilometres long. Impressive, to say the least. These cocoons are sorted and their filaments put onto reels, which are then spun to create the desired threads. In relation to its weight, the silk fibre is very strong.


SAGA bedspreads

At LINUM we have some truly luxurious and rather exclusive silk products. An example of these is the SAGA bedspread, which has a simple plain weave of dense but fine warp and weft threads. The pattern on the top side – those distinctive arches – are hand-quilted, which is to say sewed by hand by very skilled needleworkers in India. The back is made of dyed cotton in the same shade. SAGA is only available in one colourway and in a very limited run. By investing in SAGA, you will become the proud owner of what is one of only 80 unique pieces in the world.

DUPION & SILK cushion covers

The SILK and DUPION cushion covers are, fittingly, made of a material known as Dupion silk. It is distinguished by its weave, which pairs a fine warp thread with a slightly more coarse weft thread. The result is a lustrous, crisp silk with a vibrant, mildly irregular surface. Dupion silk is often used for traditional evening or wedding dresses. To retain its vigour and lustre, Dupion silk should always be dry cleaned. After a long trend for matte home textiles, we believe that lustre is on its way back. SILK and DUPION are available in stunning colourways and a number of practical sizes.